Big Big C 18:03 13 May 2004

After a lengthy wait like a lot of people Broadband is coming to my area at the end of this month.
Can I have some personal recommendations as to the better suppliers please?


  TomJerry 18:16 13 May 2004

click here, personally I am using plusnet click here and very happy with it.

  TopBloke37 18:17 13 May 2004

Very pleased with Pipex's 512 service 1t £23.44 a month for TOTAL UNLIMITED use. Beware when looking at other "attractive" packages, some are only 256 speed and others have limited time allowed to be online.
I connect religiously 1st time in 3 seconds at a constant speed of 576. PIPEX are constantly in the Top 6 of all Broadband surveys relating to download and connection speeds and also customer service and satisfaction.
Others to consider would be ZEN & NILDRAM. Telewest seems good too though cable isn't an option in my area of Yorkshire.
On the negative side I would avoid BT/FREESERVE/TISCALI.
Good Luck!

  farmboy 18:21 13 May 2004

Im not up on all broadband suppliers, but my advice is to go to a company with excellent customer services.
This is my own personal experience and may not be the same for every1.
I used to be with NTL which was quite a good offer at the start, so i signed up (12 month contract remember for broadband), Once your signed thats it!. NTL gave me a complete nightmare, cutting me off, putting me back on. I could never get through on their customer helpline. The problems got so bad, that after 5 months, i cancelled my contract and payed off the remaining year of payments, just to get rid of them. I will never use NTL again for as long as i live.

Go for a broadband service with a brilliant customer service, if you have to pay a bit more it will be well worth it.

I personally stay clear of companies offering fantastic deals to start you off, they might be good at the start, but after your trial finishes, you will be left with whatever customer service they have.

When i go back on broadband i will either go with bt or freeserve, with which i have never had problems with.

sorry to go on!

  Bagsey 18:23 13 May 2004

Can you please expand on your reasons for avoiding BT, Freeserve, Tiscali. Is your aversion based on cost or what. Thanks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:40 13 May 2004

Funny thing this comparison business but I am on Tiscali BB and have had nothing but superb service and speed. A good friend at the other end of the village is on Pipex BB and has had nothing but cut-offs and problems. The speeds are up and down like a fiddler's elbow. i will leave you to draw your own conclusions.


  byfordr 18:56 13 May 2004

Just put in a cancellation with click here
No problems just moving house...I rather suspect I will be reconnecting with them when I move to my new property in a month or twos time. £27.50 1mb £37.50 2mb Very fast, very reliable. Good customer services. (Only really used them, for a few questions about moving)


Failing that Pipex or Bulldog have a good rep.

  Blanc Glacier 18:58 13 May 2004

If i were you i would avoid using these as they are not the best option. OK yes Tiscali provide different connections that may suit your needs, however i would personally go for some1 that you havent heard of before. (I.e. Pipex or Plusnet) I only wish i did my research at the time, as im currently with Tiscali and have had nothing but problems :( I may just be an unfortunate one however i have heard alot of complaints having known people to work for the company.

Good luck with choosing. Oh and like Gandalf said i will leave you to draw your own conclusions.


  bukkaz 19:04 13 May 2004

Agree with positive comment on Tiscali.Been with them over a year and connect straight away and the only trouble I've ever had(which was dueto me screwing up on my computer) was quickly resolved when I rang them,although admittedly it took me a few attempts to get through,however Tiscali is a big company so i wouldn't expect to get through first time..Could get it slightly cheaper elsewhere but am not going to risk swapping something working well for sake of a fiver a month.

  Blanc Glacier 19:08 13 May 2004

Following my response about Tiscali. I have tried ringing them several times however you finally get through to some Techncial Support Help Desk situated in India that clearly hasnt a clue how ADSL works. So thats the only down fall really. I find Customer Care / Effeciency is a big factor when considering.

Cheers BC

  VEG 19:34 13 May 2004

I have to say that pipex are fantastic. I have had no problems at all and they are uncapped with no restriction on downloads and i have downloaded a fair bit :-)

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