broadband which one to get

  tileman 17:31 22 Jan 2003
  tileman 17:31 22 Jan 2003

i am currantly on freeserve anytime but am thinking about broadband because the kids are on there pc at tea time im on mine later no one can get through on phone:::::we do not have cable around this area so which one do i go for freeserve,BT or is there another one, is there any diffrants between freeserve & BT broadband

  powerless 17:35 22 Jan 2003

Go into the comsumerwatch and type in freeserve and BT as two seperate searches and you'll find many stories good and bad...

There not the cheapest ADSL providers.

I have been with Freeserve since May 02 and a few little problems but it has been fantastic.

If you go from Anytime to Broadband you get to keep your email address the only difference is you'll have ADSL.

With BT a new email adress etc.

  MartinT-B 17:46 22 Jan 2003

Firstly you need to check that you are within 5K of an ADSL exchange.

I can't find that BT post code checker, but this is OneTel's click here On the left you will see an option Availability/register. Click that and enter your post code to see you you can get it.

The nearer you are to the exchange the better.

With Adsl through a normal phone line you are restricted to a max 512kbs at the moment - Cable is 1024 kbs (or 1mb). The more local people on at the same time the slower your connection.

Unfortunately, you have no other choice

  obbit 18:50 22 Jan 2003

Hi folks

if you are close enough to the bt exchange you might like to look at pipex adsl click here i think you get the modem free as well. hope this helps

best wishes


  Legolas 18:55 22 Jan 2003

Gio Internet is doing broadband 512 for £17.99 a month

  ronone 19:17 22 Jan 2003

I was hoping to go 'broadband' but BT said I was to far at 5.5KM. from the nearist exchange. the AA+RAC route master gave me 4.7KM from the exchange. when I told BT they came up with 'cable is not laid as the crow fly's' now I will find a cheaper 'server' as I have yet to fined a road that 'runs as the crow fly's' wonder were they laid the other KM of cable. check before you bye

  graham 19:41 22 Jan 2003

Bear in mind if you only have a BT line you will be served by your BT exchange, no matter who the ISP is, therefore the speed, etc. will be the same. The price and service are the selling points. Free modem, freephone helpdesk?

  leo49 19:50 22 Jan 2003

Another vote for Pipex. Not the cheapest at £23.44 but service has been good since I got turned on 10 months ago.And at the moment they have a VERY attractive deal for new subscribers.They're a well-established company which is something that can't always be said in this field.

Whoever you go with you won't regret it.


  AdventCalendar 19:54 22 Jan 2003

Ive been with Pipex since October, and had no problems whatsoever....cant recommend them highly enough.

My mate swears by Nildram....

check out click here to check, compare, and see ratings of all the major ADSL companies.


  SDJ 19:56 22 Jan 2003

I got pipex before Christmas and the service has been fantastic.
May not be cheapest but I got a confirmation of order within 13 hours, an email to say the line was being tested with a further 6 hours, a date of activation a day later, which even though they told me it would be ten days later for activation as I received my modem and filters after only three days from order date I installed it all and the line was alreay live five whole days before the agreed date.

Gets my vote.

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