Broadband - What will I need?

  Willow12 15:12 20 May 2003

I am looking to upgrade from dial-up to broadband very soon but know next to nothing about it (apart from much faster speeds and freeing up the phone line). Looking round various sites I am not sure what I will need in order to upgrade. I currently have a 56kbps modem but the specs for my PC when I brought it says I have a 10/100 Network - broadband ready. What does this mean? I also have a Athlon 2200+ Processor.

I was thinking of using Pipex as my provider for this due to costs involved and wondered if other users (past or present) can provide info on them. I have checked old threads relating to them and they seemed to have a few problems, is this still the case?

Any other general broadband advise would be welcome.

  Squall 15:15 20 May 2003

A lot of our home users use Pipex for their broadband connections, and none of them have a problem.

One of the other guys in the IT team also uses them and swears by them, when I move house I will also be going with them, so from my point of view they are ok.

I am sure there are other opionions though.

  hugh-265156 15:27 20 May 2003

regardless of the provider there will always be people that have problems.go with a name that has been around for a while and make sure the service suites your needs and the price suits your with ntl and never had a problem.and find their 600k service very reliable.

  dipsy 15:48 20 May 2003

click here and check out the message boards

  Squall 15:51 20 May 2003

is right.

Suck it and see. Its only a twelve month contract after all!

  Willow12 16:12 20 May 2003

What about this 10/100 network? What does it mean?

  fitshase 16:16 20 May 2003

Have you explored the option of cable (i.e., Telewest/Blueyonder or NTL)?

I am with Blueyonder (Telewest) click here and have had no problems with them.

The speeds are always good and there has been next to no service outages.

As for other broadband services (ADSL), I would have a look within the Helproom and also the ConsumerWatch (click here) and weigh up the pros and cons of any ISP.

There will be problems with all of the ISP's (show me a company/product who is problem free!) but you will eventually have to take the plunge.

As for the hardware, it looks like you have a LAN card (10/100) installed. These are sometimes called a Network Card, NIC, Ethernet, LAN, etc., etc., but they are all the same.

Depending on which ISP you go with, you might get a broadband modem which uses the network card or you might get a one which uses USB. Again, there are people who prefer one over the other but if it works then that is all that matters. Your processor (Athlon 2200+) is also more than enough and will not need upgrading.

If you have any problems with broadband, you know where to come for the answers!



p.s., I would keep the 56k dial-up modem installed as a backup (use a pay as you use ISP for this) just in case you have a problem with the broadband and need to get online.

  TASSLE 16:26 20 May 2003

Can anyone recommend NTL Broadband? I have 'phone and TV with them.

  Willow12 17:15 20 May 2003

Thanks Fitshase, a perfect response with everything I needed to know!!

I do hope you are not trying to hijack my thread!

  jediknight007 17:32 20 May 2003

Other than Pipex, I would also recommend PlusNet (or Force9, same company) who I'm currently with. It's cheaper than Pipex at £18.99 a month for basic 512K broadband or £21.99 for the extra features such as 250MB webspace, p2p, unlimited e-mail addresses...but you have to pay about £110 for the line activation fee and modem while with Pipex, there's is currently a very cheap package for about £70 where you get everything plus half of the first month free.

If you are just connecting one PC to broadband, just get a modem, USB for the easiest setup and PCI if you don't mind opening up your PC and it's also cheaper. However, if you want to connect at least 2 PCs, get a router so that both PCs don't have to be on at the same time to use the net. If you do get a modem, you can still connect up 2 PCs. Since you already have a network card on your PC, all you need is to install another one on the other PCs and get a RJ45 crossover cable to connect them. Anyway,s good luck with your broadband.

  otubby1 18:47 20 May 2003

I'm with BT Broadband. If you talk nicely to them you may get the same deal I got. Pay £70 for the modem and filters and the activation was free. It's also so simple to install because it's USB, no messing about in the gubbins.

And... I pay with it added to my normal phone bill.

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