Broadband - what is involved?

  Southernboy 12:24 03 Aug 2006

I have had AOL dialup for years. It has never been a problem as I don't make much use of the internet. However, recently I have had some problems with losing the connection and, as BB seems to be going down in price, I have thought about changing.

  Southernboy 12:30 03 Aug 2006

OK, I would have to move away from AOL as we don't have a BT line. NTL seem to offer a good Deal, but I wonder what the snags are? I saw a TV program last night about BB, and the prices quoted for NTL were about twice what NTL quote with their TV/Phone accounts, which is digital television/telephone/BB for £30.00 a month. Does that sound too good to be true?

I understand you need a new modem, but I hear all sorts of stories about delays whilst the phone line is "checked and registered", whatever that means. I also understand that once you are signed up it is very difficult to change BB suppliers.

Can anyone give me the sequence of events and warn of any potential problems and/or pitfalls to avoid, please?

  FelixTCat 12:44 03 Aug 2006


You say you don't have a BT landline. Is it ntl's? If so, you will be restricted to ntl's broadband, either cable or otherwise. ntl did really badly in the Which? report this month.

Can't really advise until we know your phone supplier.



  DieSse 13:31 03 Aug 2006

*but I hear all sorts of stories about delays whilst the phone line is "checked and registered"*

If you're on cable and don't have a phone line - then this is irrelevant to you. The BB from ntl appears on your ntl cable, which is quite different to BB on a telephone line.

  Southernboy 12:58 04 Aug 2006

We have cable from NTL which, at present is analogue television and telephone at £24.50 per month (plus the cost of calls). In addition, I pay AOL £15.99 per month for dialup, so I would save nearly £10.00 per month with the NTL offer. Assuming, of course, there are no hidden extras or snags, which is why I posted this query.

I am also assuming there are some other NTL users out there?

  Southernboy 13:07 04 Aug 2006

I am a little confused. I had assumed we had an NTL telephone line that came via the cable connection. We opted for NTL (or C&W as it was at the time)instead of BT because it was rental-free when we first did it. Since then, there is now a monthly rental charge included in the overall charge.

We get AOL Dialup via the NTL phone line/cable line (whichever it is) but for BB, AOL require a BT line. Indeed, it seems that many BB suppliers require a BT line.

  driving man 13:22 04 Aug 2006

ps to all comments --see my very recent posting in consumerwatch about aol pricing---very interesting as im sure you will agree--and remem. aol has no download limits. I am on b/band silver and its fast enough for most jobs and contrary to what aol say a home network is easy to set up. ditch the modem they send (dont even install it) then go wifi ---I use a netgear product but am sure other makes are equally as good
The driving man

  pj123 13:26 04 Aug 2006

I am on NTL Broadband. You don't need a telephone line to go on BB with NTL.

They will supply a modem and an engineer will come and install the cable and connection to the Modem.

Depending on what speed you require will cost a different monthly payment. I am on 4mb at £24.99 per month. This is completely separate to any other service that NTL supply. I think, if I were you, I would ask NTL to upgrade you to Digital TV. I have Digital TV and telephone (no line rental) and am on the 321 tariff.

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  driving man 13:27 04 Aug 2006

Another thought is ditch aol and now that ntl and telewest have merged look at the offers for all 3 things -B/band, extra programs and telephone which i believe is just( the whole package) unde £30
Aol and most other providers make it a condition you stay with them 1 year from start of new contract. you can leave at anytime but are still liable for paying them

  pj123 13:33 04 Aug 2006

Also be very firm with AOL when you ring them to cancel your account. I was on AOL dialup as a backup to my NTL Broadband in case anything went wrong.

Nothing has gone wrong in over 2 years with NTL so I decided to cancel my AOL dialup. They offered me all sorts of things to stay with them but I insisted that I wanted to cancel. In the end they gave in and gave me a cancellation number and cancelled my Direct Debit immediately.

  Southernboy 15:04 05 Aug 2006

that I have no plans to download anything. I am not interested in downloading music (I prefer vinyl LPs and CDs of pre-1950s jazz and popular music) nor am I interested in gaming.

I do use the internet for some research when writing articles but, in the main, I am looking for a more secure connection and slightly quicker navagation. Of course, if it saves money, that is a bonus.

As a novice, I do occasionally use the AOL On-Line Help with their technical people. I would certainly not want to have to resort to making telephone calls for assistance. Generally speaking though, I have no real problems.

I gather from the replies on this thread, there are problems using NTL - what are they, please?

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