Broadband- what to choose?

  Charleu 16:35 01 Jan 2003
  Charleu 16:35 01 Jan 2003

My mum is very interested in getting broadband - the speed of dial-up has become too annoying.
The only problem is we have no idea what service to opt for.

We currently subscribe to AOL's flate rate dial-up service; which is ok but AOL's insistance on forcing you to use their own software is annoying as it is extremely 'clunky' at times. We were going to simply upgrade to AOL Broadband, but there are some problems. My mum has recently brought an iMac (yesterday in fact) and AOL Broadband does not support Macs - which is utterly stupid.

Anyway we need a service that supports Macs and one that can be used by the iMac as well as a PC (my laptop) and an Xbox (for Xbox live). Xbox live comes with its own ADSL modem (as far as I am aware) so that isn't a problem. The problem is getting the iMac (Mac OS 10.2) and Laptop (running Windows ME) to share one connection. Both have ethernet cards. Ideally we'd just get one ADSL modem (but obviously only one subscription) for each machine but that is going to be very expensive, too expensive. So is there any way of sharing one modem between the two machines (the PC is upstairs the iMac downstairs, both have access to phone sockets on the each floor) Can anyone help and/or give advice, it would be most appreciated.



  recap 16:41 01 Jan 2003

I know NTL support both Windows and iMac platforms Charleu. If you have an NTL telephone account it is easy to get broadband from them. AOL I think charge for the BB modem NTL don't. Charges for BB start at £14.99 for a 128 speed and £24.99 for 600 speed, then there is the 1Mg which is around £50 per month.

  TOPCAT® 17:05 01 Jan 2003

... for what's on offer. Click the info tabs for more.

You can also check from this website to see if your exchange is broadband enabled.

You will need to contact your preferred provider to ask about iMac and Xbox live support. Good luck! TC.

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