broadband what are minimum requirements

  bigboab y 14:35 28 Nov 2006

Ive got a Latitude 366/128/20 gig laptop with usb port. I was talking to the guy in my local pooter shop and asked him if I could put broadband on it e.g B.T b/band .He gave a sharp intake of breath and went "HMMMMM" .. it wil slow everything down..due to system security settings . He said he doesnt recommend broadband below 1 Mhz processor.. is this the case?? Anybody know what the minimum requirements are?? In other words,is a 366 Pentium 2 a waste of time for b/band

  jimv7 14:42 28 Nov 2006

I think you will find that on most isp sites the minimun specs is given as win 98v2 and a large enough hard drive.

Also on a lot of isp sites there is a 'Test my computer' facility.

  bigboab y 14:46 28 Nov 2006

It was the security bit that puzzled me.. do b/band ISP,s provide ther own security suites?? And how would this "slow things down"??

  Aargh 14:50 28 Nov 2006

Depends what you want to use it for - simple surfing & email will be OK, online gaming will not!

Your connection to broadband is not affected by processor speed/power, but obvioulsy the older your software the more it will struggle with modern programs.

A good modem is the most important thing - but you will find once you connect a high speed, you will be inclined to download stuff which soon fills up your 20gig hard drive.

  bigboab y 14:55 28 Nov 2006

Its just for surfing and email.I wouldnt fill up the hard drive too much as I have an external cd-rewriter

  Aargh 15:01 28 Nov 2006

The point about security is valid though, because some Antivirus/firewall software is very resource hungry, and this would slow things down.

  bigboab y 15:24 28 Nov 2006

I think thats what the pooter guy if you just stick with Windows Firewall (xp) and use AVG anti-virus ,the effect on the running of the pooter would be less,or is that being too simplistic?

  Stuartli 16:30 28 Nov 2006

A 366MHz Pentium processor will cope with BB up to 2MB - your local computer shop friend is not quite telling the truth.

Tiscali's minimum specifications, for instance, are:

Pentium 200Mhz Processor or Equivalent
• 32MB of RAM
• 150MB of free space on the hard drive
• One of the following Operating Systems; Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 Professional or XP
• A fully functioning and operational USB port (providing a full, USB Standard Specified, 500 milliamps of power)

  bigboab y 16:55 28 Nov 2006

Thanks for all your replies... my best bet is to hunt down a friend with a usb type adsl modem and try it .. what harm can it do :-) ..then watch how it runs.. I still not sure what he meant by security slowing it down.... Cheers all

  Kate B 16:56 28 Nov 2006

Have you got an ethernet port? If so, use an ethernet modem which doesn't require any drivers and so keeps the load on your system down.

  Gongoozler 17:00 28 Nov 2006

bigboab y, Norton antivirus and security suite have been found to slow some systems down. AVG and Avast antivirus appears to be much less resource hungry. I find ZoneAlarm firewall runs quite happily with either.

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