Worthy1 13:20 19 Mar 2007

Firstly let me say I am totally computer illiterate. I have been ardently sticking to my old dial-up aol service on my xp computer and refusing the broadband option after a horrendous first attempt with cable many moons ago.

My eldest son is off to college soon and with 6 of us using one computer it made sense I thought to buy a laptop for my lad at college and a laptop for another son. I also bought a new main computer for the rest of us less frequent users to use.

On buying we were told at PC World that it's all vista now and no previous software will be compatible so we then bought vista loaded computers.

My eldest has suggested we set up a wireless network at home which he has done for others and it sounds great but first I need to buy into broadband and I admit I am terrified.

Everything I seem to hear or read tells me of horrendous compatibility between different broadband services and this damn vista thing.

Can anyone clarify which broadbands have got their act together and are ok with vista? (if there are any)

Otherwise I feel like taking the computers back to the shop and trying to get a refund.

Please help if you can as I am desperately lost by the whole thing.

Many thanks

  anskyber 13:28 19 Mar 2007

I cannot speak for other ISPs but Zen Internet who I use with Vista is fine. Zen are not the cheapest but you can speak to a real person in Rochdale who can deal with questions in a helpful manner, in my experience.

As far as I understand it the issue is not ISP specific but relates to the modem used to get broadband. Some of the earlier modems and popular with some ISPs do not have drivers which work with Vista. I connect using a modem router through the ethernet port which do not need drivers.

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