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  garryhart 12:58 11 Jul 2010

Hi folks. Recently transferred to Virgin broadband (from Sky) and have several problems with them. Apart from the shoddy install our braodband connection keeps dropping out and we have to reconnect manually via the "network Sharing centre" this can happen every couple of minutes or somethimes the connection lasts up to an hour. Have had a couple of engineers come round who have increased the signal at the local box ont eh street although one engineer put the issue down to the heat and the amplifiers trippng out, anyone else heard this as this seems quite a concern going forward?

Also have got Virgin to increase out package up to 20mb at no extra cost however, on a speed test our desktop pc measures about 15mb, which is fine but on wireless, even sitting right next to the router, I can only get about 5mb. If I plug the ethernet into my laptop I can get about 10mb however any ideas why the degradation in the strength? for info I have a dell latitude.



  mgmcc 13:20 11 Jul 2010

The issues you detail tend to suggest problems with the connections between the computers and the router, rather than the delivery of Virgin's service.

With the "wireless" connections, things to check are the type of encryption used and also the Channel number in the router's wireless settings.

As regards the 10Mbps speed with an ethernet connection, has the network adapter perhaps been configured to operate at 10Mbps instead of 100Mbps?

  garryhart 13:40 11 Jul 2010

funny you should say about the network adaptor settings as the properties of the wirless connection show 11mb but the ethernet properties show 100mb. Not being technically minded do you know how you reconfigure?

  mgmcc 14:19 11 Jul 2010

If the Properties of the ethernet adapter show 100Mbps, then it must be properly configured to connect to the router at 100Mbps.

As regards the Wireless connection, 11Mbps is the speed of an 802.11b connection, 802.11g should connect at 54Mbps. If you are actually using an 802.11b wireless adapter, then this will restrict the speed of your internet connection to well under 11Mbps.

  garryhart 14:52 11 Jul 2010

hmmm well it's a Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card which in the properties shows 802.11b/g

I have had a play and I am now showing a speed of 18mb so I must have done something right!

thanks for your help!



  northumbria61 15:05 11 Jul 2010

Keep "playing" - hopefully it might increase more !

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