BroadBand Usage 16 Gig Per Month..?

  syylo 14:04 21 Nov 2008

Hi guys.Gals

My mother has a broadband package that’s limited to 2 Gig cap per month & is charged £14 pm as she’s 60 & lives on her own, if she exceeds that usage then she's charged £2.00 per gig, honestly the only sites she uses is Face Book & MSN she doesnt download nothing no p2p's or torrent, if the grandkids come over they use CBBC's (Kids site) & MSN, last month she received a bill for £57 & the company said she was something like 26/27 gig over the cap? so she paid it then this month she's just received a bill for £46..? again apparently going over the limit..?

I find this unbelievable & I am NOT convinced she has used that much as she only uses the pc 3/4 times per week for a hour or two each time, She isn’t on Wireless she uses a Modem & the company is sticking to there gun's..? can anyone shed any light into this as ive no idea what so ever on what’s going on...?


  I am Spartacus 14:20 21 Nov 2008

I know you say she isn't on wireless but is it a wireless modem that's unsecured and being used without her knowledge?

  Pine Man 14:28 21 Nov 2008

Does she watch BBC iPlayer or ITV?

A lot of people think that, because they don't necessarily actually download TV progs, it doesn't count.

  DippyGirl 14:35 21 Nov 2008

If she isnt actively using it, make sure
the service Kservice isnt running and is set to manual start
Run > Services.msc
I have it set to manual start

  syylo 16:04 21 Nov 2008

Hi guy's, the modem my mother uses is connected to a telephone line...if thats helps also she never uses BBCIplayer...thanks for the suggestions though..:-)

  Pine Man 16:13 21 Nov 2008

Has the modem/router got an aerial on it?

  Pine Man 16:15 21 Nov 2008

Aerial looks about the thickness of a pencil and about half the length. Usually sticking up from the back.

  DippyGirl 16:16 21 Nov 2008

As ßeta says it may be best to start monitoring. Have a look at this click here There are plenty of free monitors available

  Clapton is God 16:21 21 Nov 2008

Rather than worrying about how much your Mum is using and/or installing bandwidth meters, wouldn't it be simpler to switch to an ISP which doesn't have a cap?

  I am Spartacus 16:28 21 Nov 2008

You wouldn't be more than mildly curious if your usage went up from 2GB to 25GB?

  Clapton is God 16:38 21 Nov 2008

"You wouldn't be more than mildly curious if your usage went up from 2GB to 25GB?"

We're not talking about me, so the question is irrelevant.

I use an ISP which doesn't have caps.

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