Broadband - upstream faster than downstream

  Kelz 13:12 11 Jan 2005

Hello, I just used the Broadband speed test on click here and the results from my Tiscali £15.99 a month broadband were a downstream speed of 130kbps and an upstream speed of 252 kbps. I thought that the download speed was always higher than the upload speed so is there something wrong with my setup and how do I adjust it. Thanks for any help.

  Graham ® 13:19 11 Jan 2005

A firewall or antivirus program may be the cause.

  Technotiger 13:25 11 Jan 2005

Hi, looks as if you may be right, but I am not knowledgeable enough to advise how to correct your settings. I am on BTBB with speeds of Downstream 458Kbps - Upstream 242Kbps.

Hope you can get it sorted.


  vitrocmax 14:04 11 Jan 2005

ADSL does have different upload and download speeds, which is why it's called ADSL. The 'A' is for Asymmetric, which means different speeds for up- and download. The 'advertised' speed is always the download speed- the upload part is generally 256k.

That means your 128 download is close to the optimum ( there's always a difference to the claimed speed when you do a speed test), if you upgrade to 256 or 512 then the 256 upload will stay the same. As Technotiger says, his upload is still 256, my 1meg Wanadoo still has the 256 upload.

As most of the data is downloaded, it makes very little difference what your upload speed is.

  Graham ® 14:09 11 Jan 2005

Is it Tiscali 256kbps? Does seem a little slow if you only get 130kbps.

  Graham ® 14:16 11 Jan 2005

Try this downloadable speed test:

click here

  ACOLYTE 14:20 11 Jan 2005

My Upload is 288 witch did go up from 256 when i went from 512 to 1mb.Although you wont get the actual speed it says my download is 1152 and if i ever hit that i would be ahappy camper.The closest i got was 990 on a bb test.

  Kelz 15:18 11 Jan 2005

Thanks for the replys, My Tiscali broadband is the 150kbps package so maybe the speeds are'nt too bad at all!

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