Broadband Trouble

  Doire_Bhoy 14:49 18 Aug 2005


Im a computer tech in a local IT training center. One of the studenst recently rang up AOL looking for broadband. She already had Dial up. AOL sent her a package with a load of software to put on his PC.

Now when she tries to play a disc the system locks up and no disc works.

I know its the software causing it. However she wants me out to her house to look at her PC. (nothing else you perverts!)

Is it worth my while or should she just ring up AOL? Anyone ever have the same problem?

I know little all about AOL.

  Klof Ron 14:58 18 Aug 2005

Personally I would advise a system restore to a date prior to the software installation. You don't mention if your student was sent a modem/router to connect to Broadband, or whether the software disc was just information. Calls to tech support can be costly and ineffective (as I'm sure you know) so if a system restore works, and you want to don your shining white night outfit you can pay a visit to help with the install from scratch.

  Jackcoms 15:35 18 Aug 2005

"I know little all about AOL".

The general consensus is - don't touch with a bargepole.

  interzone55 15:39 18 Aug 2005

Try AOL's tech support, it's an 0800 number so will cost you nothing.

Personally my golden rule is never to have an AOL CD in the same room as a PC, that way I avoid all sorts of trouble.

  Confab 15:46 18 Aug 2005

I thank we really need a bit more info from you.

What was the software that was installed on the PC? When you say the system locks up and no disc works what exactly happens, are these music discs or software?

How do you know it’s the software causing the problem and not a CD/DVD issue?

Whats the Pc spec?

Can you not just uninstall the installed apps and start again?

  CHAIRLEG 18:54 18 Aug 2005

When I upgraded to AOL BB I was sent a package with a modem 3 dsl filters 1usb cable 1 modem cable and installation disk.The first thing is to make sure you have received notification from aol that your BB line is ready and then just put in the disk and follow the instructions.Helpline NO. 08003764406.

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