broadband and telephone interference

  poheZ 21:17 11 May 2009


I have used a Linksys wireless G ADSL router and digital cordless phone on the same line with a filter for many months witout any problems.

About 1 month ago we started to get interfernce on the phone (crackling and general fuzz), when i removed the modem plug from the filter the interfernece went. I change the filter and the problem was still there. So i plugged the phone into the first BT point and the line was clear, then i plugged the filter into the point and the modem and phone into the filter and the interference was still their.

I have even tried using a different phone with no success.

Does anybody know why this would suddenly start to happen?

  Tech Guy 21:20 11 May 2009

Don't why it's just started to happen, but they work on the same 2.4 GHZ frequency so they can conflict.

Have you tried changing wireless channels - try 1, 6 or 11 - NO OTHER MIND!

  poheZ 21:45 11 May 2009

thanks mate

i have tried that and no luck, i still get the interference when i use my corded phone so it cant be the phone.

I havent even brought anything or touched the house wiring-it just suddenly happen.

The line seems fine when i have the broadband unplugged

  Tech Guy 19:28 12 May 2009

Sounds like a filter problem.

If you've swapped out for a known good one, I'm afraid you may have to phone your ISP. I hope your phone company nd ISP are the same, if not you may find that they'll blame each other :(

  poheZ 21:31 12 May 2009

The Post Office!

I will call them, many thanks

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