Broadband and telephone connection.

  Daibus 10:43 18 Nov 2006

I have a double plug going into my telephone wall socket - one is connected to my telephone and the other to my broadband router.

A filter is connected into the line that goes to my telephone but when the telephone is active my broadband disconnects.

What am I doing wrong?

  anskyber 10:48 18 Nov 2006

As a starter have you tried a different filter? Have you got a filter on every phone socket which is used including the Sky box if you have one?

If the set up you describe "splits" the telephone signal the filter should be before not after the split.

  anskyber 10:54 18 Nov 2006

For the sake of clarity is there a filter on the line which goes to your modem?

  Daibus 11:01 18 Nov 2006

Thank you for your reply.

I have not got the Sky box connected to a phone line and I fitted the splitter directly at a point where the phone line comes out of the double wall socket and then goes directly to my only telephone.

I will try another splitter though.

  Daibus 11:02 18 Nov 2006

No the splitter is only in the telephone line not the line that goes to my router.

  keithlik 11:05 18 Nov 2006

Start at the Wall phone socket. All you need is to fit the filter which divides the line. One outlet to your phone, the other to your modem.

The double plug you mention is causing the problem - it is not needed as its purpose is just to enable two telephones to be used from the socket.

If you need to use two telephone receivers the 'double plug' you have must be fitted AFTER the Filter.

  Daibus 11:28 18 Nov 2006

Yes, I just fitted the filter before the two lines split, but I still get the broadband disconnection if the telephone is being used.

I have taken one line to my telephone and the other to the router from the wall socket - is this correct?

Sorry for being rather stupid.

  anskyber 11:33 18 Nov 2006

The splitter must be on the telephone socket side of your connections so NO device either telephone, modem, fax, digibox or dial out house alarm should be connected to anything other than the correct socket in the splitters.

  Daibus 11:40 18 Nov 2006

Yes it is, as the splitter is only fitted in the line from the wall socket that goes directly to my only telephone.

  Stuartli 12:18 18 Nov 2006

The double plug telephone adapter you are using might just be what is known as a Privacy adapter.

I acquired one for use in the Master Socket when I had a dialup account - it prevented people who picked up the phone whilst I was online cutting me off and vice versa.

It also prevented anyone who was using the main phone having the conversation listened to from an extension phone (hence the Privacy tag).

When I switched to broadband the Privacy telephone adapter was changed for one of the standard double phone line output types and is fitted to the ADSL filter/splitter's phone line socket.

It allows the use of the main cordless phone and answerphone with the ADSL data cable going to my router from the appropriate socket on the ADSL filter/splitter.

  Jackcoms 12:20 18 Nov 2006

Just a thought - try connecting the splitter AFTER the double plug and plug the 'phone into the splitter.

What sort of connector are you using from the double plug to the router? BT style or RJ11?

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