Broadband switch from BT to Virgin

  gjn2 09:44 02 Apr 2012

As I am unable to get BT Infinity and its faster b'band speeds, I'm thinking of switching to Virgin which will mean a Virgin phone line. If I do, will I still be able to use my BTinternet email address ? If not, is there a way of saving the contents of my BT folders such as Inbox, Sent and one or two others, either to my PC or to the Virgin equivalent?

Any thoughts gratefully received


  steviekm 10:29 02 Apr 2012

Hi, I made a similar change about 18 months ago without any problems. All I have done is to change the home page back to Yahoo and log on to your e-mail account as normal. Hope this helps.

  sharpamat 14:11 02 Apr 2012

I switched a couple of years ago. without any problems.You can save the contents of your mail folders by opening selecting what you wish to save ( such as inbox etc ) then draging them to a folder which you can creat and save on your desktop.

Whilst you will get a Virgin email address, your old BT one will still be active for some time.and you can setup virgin as a new accout in outlook express.

You will have most of what you are useing now on virgin but you can still save and export your settings See also steviekm advice

Your telephone will have no problems apart from it will operate by being plugged into the virgin sockets NOT the existing BT socket, you will not need filters but standard installation is only a single socket. So if you have extensions you will require extra Virgin sockets. I got round this by useing cordless phones with the master pluged into the main socket and the extensions in other rooms

I found speeds were avove the min figure given and the normal drop when useing wireless bu no drop when useing ethernet which with my setup useing extension cables

  gjn2 17:42 10 Apr 2012

Thanks steviekm and sharpamat, your experiences are encouraging. In fact the BT page relating to my phone no. has changed in the last week and it looks now as if I may get Infinity in which case the problem will not arise but at least now I know there is a way to overcome the potential problems. Thanks again GJN2

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