Broadband suppliers- help please!

  mumto4 11:53 21 Jul 2007

I am totally at the end of my patience with BT and want to move my business to where I have a chance of being considered a human being.
Someone recommended Orange but all I can find are bad reviews, Tiscali equally as bad,Eclipse seemed good but the last year according to reviews has been bad- any help much appreciated.

  Probabilitydrive 12:22 21 Jul 2007

I am in the middle of switching my ISP provider and unfortunately there is more to it than being fed up with one, and expecting a smooth move to another.

To compare ISP's :click here
to get essential facts before you switch :click here

One more thing,; if you do switch in the end, you need to find out whether you have been on something called "LLU (local loop unbundling) service". This is a process whereby ISP's use their own equipment/tags in local telephone exchanges, thus you are receiving greater speeds (in theory).

However, should you deceide to switch your ISP, this LLU tag need to be removed (lengthy process called "cease and re provide") and might cost you up to £ 60.-- and leaves you without broadband for weeks!!

  wee eddie 13:06 21 Jul 2007

Regardless which ISP you move to there will be some problem or other.

The larger they are the more likely you will get a Call Centre in Iraq, If they are small, your call will be answered by the Managing Director the first time you ring and by the Liquidators, second time around.

  mumto4 13:13 21 Jul 2007

Blimey- so I am damned if I do etc? :)
Driving me barmy this is!

  mumto4 13:17 21 Jul 2007

Well how about a "medium" sized provider? Come on,I'm fluttering my eyelashes at you now- help!

  wee eddie 13:27 21 Jul 2007

You'll have a new e-mail address. The old one will be dead and bouncing. So you'll have to tell all your mates and change the address on all the banks, and e-bay type things that you are involved with.

p.s. Don't even think about AOL, That's probably a tad unfair because they have millions of happy punters, but they can be a nightmare if anything goes pear-shaped.

  wee eddie 13:29 21 Jul 2007

What has been the problem?

Maybe we can solve it for you

  john bunyan 13:31 21 Jul 2007

I have been with Pipex for years. Very good,with non premium help line in UK. A bit rxpensive but worth it in my view.

  mumto4 13:35 21 Jul 2007

Thanks. I did look at Eclipse but not too sure after reading poor reviews, there again every provider seems to have those.
BT are expensive and their customer service non existant, and when things go wrong they stay wrong for weeks. Apparantly I am too far away from the exchange to provide a good service and speed, although they charge for it.
I shall keep looking, but thanks very much, your advice is much appreciated.

  Jackcoms 13:48 21 Jul 2007

"I have been with Pipex for years. Very good,with non premium help line in UK. A bit rxpensive but worth it in my view."

That would be the same Pipex who have just been purchased by Tiscali would it?

I have been with TIscali for more years than I can remember - without any problems.

  Totally-braindead 13:59 21 Jul 2007

And Jackcoms I just had to leave Tiscali because of numberous problems. So what does that say?
The trouble is there is no supplier that will be 100% all the time. I chose a supplier who at least has UK call centres, they're as slow as Tiscali was to answer but at least I can understand what they say. Also they haven't told me a load of lies as Tiscali did. Or at least they haven't so far.

mumto4 if you are as far from the exchange as you suggest and your problem is the speed of the connection and if BT are correct in saying thats the best you can get then moving to someone else probably won't change anything.

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