Broadband Speed (Virgin media)

  Dariush 22:32 13 May 2009

Well im paying for Virgin media Broadband 10mb.
Now my question is - Why when i go on an internet speed tester site, it says to me that i am receiving around 7/8mb. But when i actually physically download something, i only download at around 400kb per second.?.
I have tried the speed with my ethernet cable in my mac and also with it into my belkin 54g wireless router. They are both similar but the ethernet cable gets about 100kb more.
Why is this?

  mgmcc 23:12 13 May 2009

When you connect "wirelessly" to the Router, the PC will show a speed of 54Mbps, which is the nominal speed of 802.11g wireless networking.

If you connect to the Router by ethernet cable, the data transfer speed will be 100Mbps.

Both of these are the speed at which the PC's port is communicating with the Router, i.e. the speed at which your "Local Area Network" is running. This is unrelated to the speed of your internet connection.

>>> But when i actually physically download something, i only download at around 400kb per second

I suspect you are downloading at 400kB per sec (kilobytes per sec) and not 400kb per sec (kilobits per sec), note the uppercase "B" which indicates "bytes" rather than "bits".

Your ISP's quoted speed (possibly something like "up to 8Mbps") is in "BITS", most downloads are displayed in "BYTES", so if you're downloading at 400kBps, that equates to 3,200kbps or 3.2 Megabits per sec.

  Tech Guy 23:22 13 May 2009

You have a 10Mb connection, reduced by TCP/IP overhead, is about right 8Mb conection.

The download speed is set by the server you are downloading from, so you don't get all thier bandwidth. You'll find it varies, try from the like of Microsoft, or the likes.

For wireless, you are always going to get slower download speed with wireless G than from the ethernet cable. This is due to the overheads wireless G has to deal with, half-duplex, CSMA/CA, encryption and then interference and signal reflection/absorbtion. For the same as wired speed you will need wireless N.

  Dariush 23:29 14 May 2009

wow! Ok thanks guys :D

  catus23 10:58 15 May 2009

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