broadband speed very erratic (way too slow)

  smithers jones 19:53 28 Feb 2008


My broadband on pc is all over the place with broadband speed. It can read anything from 60kps to 600kps and changes for no apparent reason.

I don't believe its the isp (AOL) as my laptop runs consistently fast (600kps is fast for my house) but I need to use xp on the pc for certain online progs.(laptop has vista)

I've checked for anti spy and virus and all appears clean.

Any suggestions? The pc does not sound like its under any heavy processing when the speeds are low either.

  woodchip 20:01 28 Feb 2008

What should you get and check hear for online speed test, this can vary depending on time of day
click here

  smithers jones 20:13 28 Feb 2008


my pc is running so slow that it wouldn't carry out the test! I performed one about 20 mins ago and it was showing 27 kps. It's taking an age to load anything.
My laptop runs off the same netgear router and seems to be running fine.

I'm at a loss to explain it. Oddly, it appears that the problem occurs in the evenings as morning use has shown no probs, (but I couldn't state that as a definite fact.

  skidzy 20:22 28 Feb 2008

Try flushing your DNS cache.

Start / Run and type
and enter.

Now type or copy and paste

ipconfig /flushdns

(Note the space between g and /)

and enter.

You should now see;
Successfully flushed dns resolver cache

Others things you could try;

Is changing the routers MTU
Change the current channel,lets say your on 6,change this to 11.

Post back the routers make and model and we can check the configuration.

  smithers jones 20:45 28 Feb 2008

tried the flush, sadly no effect.

changing channels is something I haven't tried before, not sure how to.

the isp is aol
pc running on xp
router is nergear D834G
wirles adapter is WG111 v3
signal strength is excellent

the only thing I've noticed is the icon for the wireless signal in the address tray at the bottom of the screen is blinking between green and yellow (though it may always have done this)

Any help, eternally grateful

  smithers jones 20:47 28 Feb 2008

on closer inspection it's actually blinking between green and grey not yellow

  smithers jones 21:03 28 Feb 2008

ok I've had a breakthrough

I'm currently on the using internet explorer with aol downsized and the speed is great (for me)

still don't understand why aol works well on the laptop and not the pc but it's irrelevant as ie will do for me. thanks to those kind enough to reply!

  provider 2 23:05 28 Feb 2008

Hope I`m not too late to add my tuppenceworth.

I think this is an AOL problem. My line speed (AOL Silver) is only 2 Mbps at the best of times but at certain times of day it can be so slow that I get the timed-out page.

This happens on the BBC site and on PC Advisor after 10pm daily. Yet when I switch to IE, normal speed is restored.

I`d be most interested to know if this could be due to AOL servers being overloaded at those times.

XP Sp2 and wireless router.

  ronalddonald 14:36 29 Feb 2008

every time you experince slow speed aolwant you to upgrade the broadband, i thinks its a sales ploy becasue if you had the origanl broadband over a year surley the isp would love your money on an upgrade

  ronalddonald 14:39 29 Feb 2008

i was on silver but i cancelled becaaue of problems setting it up and i reverted to dial up. Oddly a year later i dial up sand iwas geting aol gold out of theblue and the speed was very high and yet to this day i dont know what happaned, evenually i logged of and use the dial up and it just stayed on dial up

  provider 2 17:12 29 Feb 2008

I`ve been on AOL Silver (broadband) for more than a year and in that time speeds have varied quite a bit during the course of the day.

What`s new in the past two weeks is that the usual 12.30 to 1.30 and 9.30 to 10.30 slow-downs have been starting earlier, lasting longer and slowing down more.

I don`t even try to access certain sites now during those times because I know I will get timed out unless I switch to IE 7 and ethernet and the speed timers don`t even register at all using the AOL browser.

Whether this is a problem only on AOL or with other ISPs too, I would really like to know.

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