Broadband Speed Variation

  Newuser939 18:17 01 Apr 2007

I have BT "Up to 8Mb" broadband. When I first took it I was told by BT that the maximum I was likely to achieve was 6.5Mb and I was OK with that. In practice, early in the morning I generally achieve about 6Mb and throughout the working day it fluctuates between about 4.5Mb and 6Mb all of which is fine. However, from about 6pm (presumably when everybody rushes home and starts downloading chunky files) the speed can drop to 1Mb or even less. Clearly there is no point in changing provider if they are all similar in this respect and I just wonder therefore whether people with other providers have a similar experience. (We do not have cable in our area, so that is not an alternative.)

  anskyber 18:21 01 Apr 2007

I'm out in the sticks and a long way from my exchange. The max I get is 3.5 megs and in the evening the least I get is 2megs.

  €dstowe 18:50 01 Apr 2007

I thing you'll find this is fairly normal with all providers that use BT lines to provide the service.

  ianeon 19:06 01 Apr 2007

Not only all providers who use BT lines - I am on Telewest Broadband( Blueyonder ) and since they became Virgin Media the service I get is terrible - I pay for 4MB which I very rarely get now( except at about 4am )- I use two programmes to monitor my rates - "Visual Route 2007" and "Myspeed" - They prove to me that since Blueyonder became Virgin Media the service provided has deteriated badly - If I knew how to complain I would, I just don't understand the website for doing so and their premium line help desk seems to be staffed by non-Brits in a foreign country who don't understand what I'm trying to complain about. So BT users are not alone - lol

  Dipso 22:47 01 Apr 2007

Other BT broadband customers have been reporting similar problems click here

  Newuser939 08:32 02 Apr 2007

Thank you for these replies. Bearing in mind Dipso's thread, it is clear that the problem is widespread which rules out problems with individuals' equipment or problems confined to one or two exchanges. Whether it is caused by contention or throttling, it seems to come back to inadequate investment in equipment by BT. Whilst we all understand that there can be variations in speed for all sorts of different reasons,if customers are to lose around 90% of the speed after about 6pm on a regular basis that really should be made clear by BT in its advertising and I just wonder whether there is scope for a more formal complaint through OFCOM or some other organisation.

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