Broadband speed test

  mikeben121 21:43 17 Feb 2008

I use the following URL click here

as suggested by Tiscali for checking my speed.

The first time I run it I get a result around 2Mbs, which is my contracted speed.

If I run it again I get around 1.3Mbs which is what my modem/router reports as being my connection speed.

Call me cynical but I think the first test is using some "clever" method of giving me a high figure which is not then repeated when I run it again.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

  manrow 21:53 17 Feb 2008

Using the URL you offered mikeben121, gives me the correct reading for my (slow) broadband! Maybe just busy at this time of the evening perhaps?

  cheap6 21:56 17 Feb 2008
  Jim Thing 22:01 17 Feb 2008

Your Tiscali speed tester has just reported speeds of 3.9, 4 and 4.3 Mbps. These are the kind of numbers I get from other speed testers.

  mikeben121 22:45 17 Feb 2008

I am concerned about the discrepancy between runs.

I ran it once and got around 2 Mbs, ran retest from the result screen 4 times and got 1.22 Mbs.

Closed the result screen and ran it again got 2 Mbs, ran it again 4 times got 1.22 each time.

Left the result screen up and went back to the original screen and ran it. This time I got results of 256Mbs (yes 256 Mbs!!!!)

Surely this range of results points at the site being next to useless due to the variations.

Being Tiscali I would not like to insinuate it was anything other than a flaky application!

  oldbeefer2 09:58 18 Feb 2008

Not with tiscali, but using BT's own speedtester I get hugely different results throughout the day (from 500k to 4.5m) - it's the dreaded 'contention ratio' I believe.

  Gongoozler 10:08 18 Feb 2008

I find that the Tiscali Speedtest often gives an optimistic result from the first run but settles to a more consistent figure after that. As oldbeefer2 says, the contention ratio plays a big part in your download speed, just see the speed drop when the kiddies get home from school and start downloading their mp3 files. Your distance from telephone exchange and the quality of the connection between your home and the exchange also play a big part. I had an "Up to 2M" Tiscali account and rarely got above 1M. I upgraded to "Up to 8M" at the same cost and now on a good day get just above 5M.

  anchor 10:40 18 Feb 2008

I use Speedtest net, as recommended by cheap6, and find it pretty consistent.

  manrow 11:12 18 Feb 2008

I agree anchor, speedtest net results are identical each time. But I will wait until the children are not on holiday to be sure!!

  ^wave^ 11:28 18 Feb 2008

i am with pipex homecall which uses ticali for its service and to be honest i get 5.3 meg up till 16:30 and then it dies to around midnight when it picks up again so yes it will be great during the day it will be slower at night mine has dropped to 90k on occasions. do they throttle it will i think they do

  CurlyWhirly 21:46 18 Feb 2008

I use click here

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