Broadband speed issues

  Housten 15:51 11 Apr 2013

Good afternoon, Gentlemen,

You will see I had a question about my trackball mouse answered, but I couldn't reply because of problems with my ISP, and what turned out to be our new fibre cable in the BT box, burning out!!

This has now been replaced, but I wish to keep an eye on the line and make sure that we are getting what we are paying for! We weren't for the first few weeks, and I just want to be able to check it. So does anyone know a - preferably free - speed checker programme or site which is easily accessible?

Many thanks in anticipation

PS Can I just say that there is a legend at the bottom right hand corner of this box which seems to have got its knickers in a bit of a twist. When you start typing it states that there are '0 of 4500 characters remaining'. Now it is telling me that there are 820, I think PCA should change 'characters remaining' to characters used'. Or am I just being a picky old man??

  Nontek 16:12 11 Apr 2013

this one seems to be pretty accurate - I have just used it for the first time today, have previously used other speed-testers on many occasions, this is the first to show speed from the exchange to router and then speed from router to PC. I am getting just over 79Mb Exchange to Router and 65Mb router to PC.

  Nontek 16:13 11 Apr 2013

PS - I have BT Infinity Option2.

  spuds 16:49 11 Apr 2013

I have recently found and used which seem to be straight forward. My ISP as their own checker, but sometimes they suggest you use Another one that was highly recommended at one time

If you want to find things out about broadband, then you cannot go far wrong with this website (some heavy reading though!)

  spuds 16:53 11 Apr 2013

Whoops an error, try (bbmaz in above link is incorrect)

  Housten 17:57 11 Apr 2013

Nontek and spuds,

Good afternoon, Gentlemen

Many thanks for your replies, but I am afraid I have tried them with some unfortunate results. Either they are for BT only - I am with PlusNet!! - or they require Flash. This is, I believe, from adobe. I will have nothing to do with that company as it did an automatic update on my computer about 20 months ago and I had four months of absolute hell. So even though it is to my advantage to have flash, I will not have it on my computer. But many thanks for your help.

  mgmcc 19:38 11 Apr 2013

Have a look at JD's Auto Speed Tester. This is a program that you can leave running and it will automatically check Download, Upload and Ping at pre-set intervals. You can then see what variations, if any, there are over a period of time. I have found this to give consistent results unlike, for example, which can give wildly inaccurate results with distant servers showing faster speeds than closer ones.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:38 11 Apr 2013

Housten, you can find a Java-based (non Flash) speedtester here

  Housten 11:35 16 Apr 2013

Gentlemen, Good morning,

I have been distracted by my ISP during the last few days. I won't bore you with the details here but I am lumbered with them for almost the next 16 months. They appear to think that if we are cut off then we should still pay full price, something with which I disagree.

Many thanks for your suggestions and I will definitely try them when I am in a much, much more sober - or should that be sombre - state of mind than I am at present. To be honest on a scale of 1 to 10 as how angry, mad and annoyed I am at the moment I would say that I am now down to about 15. So I suspect I should not bother anyone for a few days or so.

Take care what you are signing up to.

  spuds 11:49 16 Apr 2013

"lumbered with them for almost the next 16 months"

Why is that. I had a number of problems regarding speed and disconnection issues, and if the service is 'not fit for purpose', then that might be your let out clause.

When I started to raise serious concerns and questions, I was initially met with no help or answers from the ISP. Taking this a number of steps further, the ISP, BT OpenReach and the local exchange staff could not have been more helpful. It certainly improved my service, but it did cost the three mentioned extra money and time in coming to an amicable solution. I even received a monthly charge discount for the 'poor' service I had received.

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