Broadband speed increase

  manrow 21:41 22 Mar 2008

Allegedly yesterday BT were due to remove the restraint on my Sky broadband speed.

Yesterday evening I checked the speed being received by my router; the answer - no change still 288kbps up and down.

This evening I tried again - no change still 288kbps up and down.

Does this indicate that BT failed to update, or do I need to do something to 'refresh' the connection?

  MAJ 21:43 22 Mar 2008

If BT 'fixed' your connection, you would notice immediately.

  manrow 21:44 22 Mar 2008

Suspected such MAJ.

Silly boy expecting BT to change anything on GOOD Friday!

  Furkin 12:40 23 Mar 2008

Silly boy expecting BT to do anything at any time !
I've had constant bad service from BT from day one.
My current complaint is that my Router is failing intermittently.
I told them what I’ve done to try to eliminate the problem and by deduction,,,,
After several e-mails (including explaining that I don’t have an extension lead - seems to be their 'fail-safe' reply) ) they asked me if I have an extension lead !
I have now told them 4 times that I don’t have such a lead & that I am still getting a problem - but nothing.
Then a lady called yesterday to ask if I want to take out a further contract with them ?!?!?!

I signed up to “up to 8gb” but only get around 2gb,,,, which is apparently “up to 8gb” Very sneaky !

My biggest reason for not changing at the moment, is that I have a second number on my system (can’t remember what this is called ?!), which alternative companies won’t do,,,, and that most of the other companies have to use BT lines/exchanges etc anyway !

Good Luck

bt closed over easter then? dont think so. nag them to death, you have to!

  manrow 08:46 25 Mar 2008


BT were due to remove the broadband restriction in the local exchange on Good Friday, and guess what? It didn't happen! Nor over the rest of the bank holiday.

But turned on this morning and the router numbers read:-

DownStream Connection Speed 8128
UpStream Connection Speed 448

What a difference from 288/288.

Thank you Sky for sorting 'em out!!

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