broadband speed difference- 2 phone lines

  morris948 17:34 22 Dec 2008

I have 2 phone lines to my house with different phone numbers,one for business and one private. the lines connect to a double socket faceplate supplied by BT, one cable comes from the pole and the lines seperate to 2 seperate sockets in the master box.
Both lines are connected to ADSL broadband routers, and the routers are connected directly to the master socket connection, but when i do a speed test the business line has nearly twice as fast download speed as compared to my private line, i ran the speed test from click here
and the results are for private line are 336kb DL and 339kb UL.

Business line results are 884Kb DL and 265Kb UL.

Question is: if both lines are identical distance from the exchange, why do they vary in speed so much, the private line speed fluctuates in speed some days from 200K to 450K download, but the busuness line is rock steady at around 870K download average.

I have contacted BT about this and i am awaiting the reply, i just wondered if there was something wrong with private line or if there is another reason for this slow speed.

  Graham. 17:45 22 Dec 2008

The lines may be connected via different 'E' side cables from the street cabinet to the exchange.

They may also be on different 'D' side cables from the cabinet to the pole.

BT will be able to tell if that is the cause of the slow speeds you are getting, and do something about it. Is BT your ISP?

  Pineman100 18:52 22 Dec 2008

recently, and I asked a local BT engineer what the reason might be.

He said that a number of factors might cause it, including the age of the copper cables, the extent to which any cable connections/junctions might have deteriorated or corroded.

Maybe one of your lines is much newer than the other?

  canarieslover 19:07 22 Dec 2008

If you are paying for one at business rate and the other as a home user there will be different contention rates on each line. Home user may have as many as 50 users online at the same time and the business line pays extra to ensure that there are far fewer users in contention for it's bandwidth.

  woodchip 19:30 22 Dec 2008

That applies to ISP Server not the Line. Its the Equipment that the ISP uses that does that

  canarieslover 19:38 22 Dec 2008

The server has as much effect on your speed as your line. Thats why some sites download pages so much faster than other sites. What ISP is being used and are both lines on the same tariff?

  morris948 20:29 22 Dec 2008

Yes, its true, my home phone line was installed in 1986 and the business line 2007, this could be a factor.
my broadband is a BT basic package internet, it used to hold a constant 564Kb DL speed ( I am a long way from the exchange)
but recently i have seen a fluctaution in the speed, not sure if this is how you check this, but i login to my router and check the link up status, it shows the Down and Upload speed of connection, and this has been variable each day.

Please explain D side and E side cables, i am curious what this means

  jolorna 21:45 22 Dec 2008

is yiur buisness line registered as a buisnes line as the contenion ratio will be 20-1 and your domestic 50-1

  Graham. 23:16 22 Dec 2008

From the exchange, cables to the street cabinet are known as 'E' side (Exchange side).

From the cabinet to the pole are 'D' side (Distribution side).

There will often be several combinations of E and D to connect each line.

  morris948 10:51 23 Dec 2008

Yes, my BT business line is registered as a business line.
But how would the contention ratio be lower, does my phone lines have a seperate copper wire all the way back to the exchange, or is it multiplexed at the pole outside my house.

  caccy 16:45 23 Dec 2008

Check both line statistics.
I seem to remember that in the olden days (10/15 years ago) that business lines were better specified in terms of noise etc than domestic ones. Maybe a telephone engineer can confirm, or deny, that this is the case.

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