Broadband speed & downloads for tv.

  westgolf 13:05 25 Jan 2013

My isp is tiscali & The the local BT switch is @ 300 metres from my home.Depending on the time of day I am receiving a download speed @ 4.3Mbps - 2.1Mbps. The upload speed is constant @ 113Kbps.Tiscali have refused me a download tv subscription.Any thoughts please - on other options for tv downloads or improving download speeds ? Thanks.

  lotvic 13:21 25 Jan 2013

tiscali belongs to talktalk. Are you meaning the YouView TV box package?

  Chronos the 2nd 13:21 25 Jan 2013

I would have thought you should have got better speeds than that being so close to the exchange. I wonder why you are getting such lows speeds? Is it your package I wonder?

  westgolf 09:20 26 Jan 2013

Yes it is the TalkTalk package - I have inquired on.The Broadband speeds seemed to have slowed down over the last 4 monyhs ? I am not aware of any restrictions from isp,otherthan a 40Gb monthly download limit - of which I usually consume @ 6Gb/mth.

Any suggestions please ? Thanks.

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