Broadband speed & connection problems.

  westgolf 06:50 08 Jun 2013

My isp is talktalk.I have endured slow broadband speeds for @ 6 months.My ongoing contact with TT has not provided any answers.The TT speedchecker shows @ 4000kbps download & 56kbps upload.I am @ 300 metres from the local BT switch.TT say I have a very fast speed.The rate that actual items (basic emails) function is very slow (painful).I have a latest spec laptop.TT have said to me that they can see my connection dropping on some occasions.2 weeks ago I lost all internet & the speedcheck showed zero download speed.TT said i has an internal house fault.I had a computer engineer visit & he confirmed that all was fine with my equipment which is connected directly to the main BT socket.The engineer confirmed that there was no upload speed via the BT socket.Further dialogue with TT resulted in a visit from their engineer who did nothing inside my property & said there was no problem inside my property.Miraculously the internet started working again !TT have now charged me for a problem inside my property !My contact with them is strained & they refuse to change their position . I welcome any suggestions or comment. Please help, obviously I will be changing my isp. Thanks.

  spuds 10:35 08 Jun 2013

Having gone through the same routines as yourself, I eventually got what I was seeking from TalkTalk by going direct to the CEO Dido Harding.

Problems that were first denied, where then found with the line and at exchange level, and this involved TalkTalk and BT over a prolonged period, I should perhaps advice, that TalkTalk might use a local sub-contractor and not their own employed engineer, so someone might need to pay for this service. I contested the charges TalkTalk wanted or suggested at the first opportunity, and won my case.

You could do some checks yourself, by going through the router using 'admin' as the password and username (assuming your are using a TalkTalk supplied router?). Go through the selection in 'advanced' and that should tell you how your service is working 24/7 (Try to keep print-outs on the results for comparisons). There are a number of other tests that you can do yourself with the results being reported back to TalkTalk engineer's, and this includes going through TalkTalk's own speed checker. TalkTalk also use for comparisons.

  steviekm 12:34 08 Jun 2013

had similar problems; dropped internet,0.17 speed then up to a max of 2.7 etc etc. reported the issues to customer services and they sent a sub contracted engineer who promptly stated that we may be charged £49.99 for his visit. we told him to leave and then sent an email to the ceo as above. got an immediate response and was contacted by head of customer services. she sent a b t engineer who sorted out a new line for us and the following day another engineer phoned up to inform us that they had been able to get our speed up-it now averages 4.3 to 4.8. furthermore they arranged for a credit to our account to compensate; and during this whole process we had several phone calls to keep us informed and to make sure that we were happy with the outcome etc. Totally different experience but it is definitely worth cutting out the middle man and going to the top.good luck with your issues...

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