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  Hrosir 08:06 21 Apr 2011

I have been with Sky for just over a year and when I signed up I was getting around 7mb download speeds.However of late, web browsing has become significantly slower and when I checked my router it was showing that I was in fact just clearing 2mb!. After a number of phone calls to Sky expressing my concerns I have been advised to change the ADSL Microfilter, replace the cable to the BT wall socket and check my Network card drivers are up to date. All these I have done with no improvement whatsoever.My last call to them resulted in Sky carrying out a full line check, which came back as no faults on either line or router and they concluded that the fault lies with my pc. This would be credible perhaps were it not for the fact that my wife's pc also has the same very slow browsing speed. Surely if the fault were the pc, this would not likely affect her as well? I have checked the drivers for the Network card and could not see any updated drivers, please help, thanks

  mgmcc 08:22 21 Apr 2011

It seems to be fairly standard procedure for ISPs to blame BT, for BT to blame the ISPs and for both to blame your PC!

If both you and your wife connect by ethernet cable to the router, even if one PC is switched off, try disconnecting its cable to see if the speed is still slow on the other computer. Then repeat the procedure with the other computer physically disconnected from the network. If the results still appear to be slow, see what results the site shows.

If you're connecting both computers wirelessly, see what sort of download speeds you get with a wired ethernet connection.

  Hrosir 09:13 21 Apr 2011

We have done this as part of eliminating possible causes with no effect. I have even unplugged the phone cable from the sky box, the network cable from the HD box.Reset the router, rebooted; in fact even turning all electrical appliances off in sheer desparation!! No effect. I have not as yet tried a new network card or checked the network card protocols in case of a possible conflict. The annoying thing is that we pay for up to 20mb for the full package and in reality we are on the lower scale package in terms of speed.

  woodchip 09:46 21 Apr 2011

If after rebooting the router its no better, you have a Line or Exchange Problem.

Filters are just to put you off the trail, as they work or do not work

  Hrosir 10:26 21 Apr 2011

I have been on the phone to sky for over 2 hours so far and I am told that there are no faults showing on the exchange, phone line or router and that there IT section have checked all that they are able to. I even told them that the bt line that connects to our house has been there since at least 1960 in case this has some impact on speed. What I find frustrating is that we originally did get a fast download, nearly 8mb. Nothing here has changed to my knowledge as far as equipment is concerned, so why should we be getting such a big speed reduction. It is hard to believe that our pc's are both having the same issues. So as far as Sky are concerned the onus is on us to resolve the problem, but how is the issue now. thankyou for any advise

  woodchip 10:30 21 Apr 2011

if you use it a lot, they may have cut your speed

  Hrosir 10:47 21 Apr 2011

We are on the unlimited package and as far as I know there isn't a cap according to the account info. Our exchange is about half a mile away so distance is not an issue. Even thought about changing the router.

  Hrosir 10:50 21 Apr 2011

We don't download films or large files other than the usual Windows updates.Our upload at the moment is 256kbs! Sky have told me to run an Anti Virus scan which I thought was a pointless exercise as I do this weekly as a matter of course. Other than on line games, ie WOW we don't drain the bandwidth.

  woodchip 11:32 21 Apr 2011

Cap and speed shopping are not the same, there as been a lot on TV about it, Gov may step in. but do not hold your breath. These are my Stats using BB Max at about 1.5 miles from Exchange

Just done them, I am with TalkTalk on a 8meg Speed 40Gig cap

Download speed 8862kbps

Upload Speed 851kbps

  Hrosir 11:38 21 Apr 2011

Do you think that changing my router would be of any benefit? even if it is a cheap one just to eliminate a possible cause.There must be a reason why there has been such a dramatic loss and I do appreciate that demand at peak times will affect performance, but not as great as this. I am getting 3072mb on download and 256k upload at the moment; about 30 mins ago this had dropped to 2072mb download

  woodchip 11:42 21 Apr 2011

Think you are barking up the wrong tree, Problem is your Server or Line. You could try your Laptop Direct plugging your router into the main BT plug after removing the front plate on main BT socket where it comes into the house there is a plug inside that will let you do a test of your equipment, plug the router into that, if its the same its as above

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