Broadband speed

  JaneAttwood 14:35 05 Aug 2010

My speed seems particularly slow when I first log on Is that normal? Is there anything I can do to improve it?

  woodchip 14:58 05 Aug 2010

mine is slower just after first loading, never taken much notice as it soon picks up

  woodchip 14:59 05 Aug 2010

test hear click here

  JaneAttwood 15:23 05 Aug 2010

I tested using above- my download speed was 2520 kbps and the upload was 79kbsp.
I have no idea what that means - can you help?

  birdface 15:28 05 Aug 2010

Download speed is just over 2 Mb and upload speed is poor.
Who is your ISP and what speed are you supposed to get.

  Clapton is God 15:42 05 Aug 2010

"what speed are you supposed to get"

Which, as you know, is a bit like asking "how long is a piece of string"

What buteman really means is what speed package are you paying for? Up to .........??

  birdface 16:07 05 Aug 2010

Ahh but not with Virginmedia.
What speed you are supposed to get is what you normally get.
It may not be exact but near enough.
I have never used any other ISP so tend to think that they all give the same.
Of course they seldomly are.

  JaneAttwood 20:40 05 Aug 2010

Tiscali 5mbs I think. I was going to change my provider earlier this year but when I contacted them they improved my package (or so they said). Should I move to virgin?

  woodchip 21:38 05 Aug 2010

Try turning you Router of for a short while then back on, let it connect then retry the above site. different times of day will give different results

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