Broadband speed

  rob3600 15:20 05 Jun 2008

I am aware that there have been many posts regarding this subject and I have chipped in a few times with my own grumbles. Anyway to get to the point, I am with Tiscali :-( and have very slow download speeds, suppose to get 2mg, normlly get 0.5 to 1mg sometimes 1.5mg. Numerous calls to Tiscali and threatened them with Ofcom. A BT engineer turned up today tested the line as it enters the house and reported that the line can support 4mg :-) he suggested that the router be placed downstairs by the phone socket - did this no improvement:-( I live 2.7km from the exchange, so friends what do you suggest could it be the router? We are running two laptops with Vista, my son runs a Mac laptop as well as his X-Box. The laptops are wireless. Thanks in anticipation.

  oldbeefer2 15:40 05 Jun 2008

Worth trying first with a cable connection laptop to router - would at least eliminate the wireless connection.

  Grey Goo 16:03 05 Jun 2008

The speed will fluctuate at different times of the day and day of the week, my up to 8 meg varies from 2-6 megs. What speed have you synchronised at as your line will probably not have synced ay the full rate. You can find out in your router home page under something like "Status/Broadband line" or the like. Have you tuned your settings up at all.

  Grey Goo 16:06 05 Jun 2008

click here

you can tweak your MTU and Rwin settings for better results

  Confab 16:35 05 Jun 2008

Are you running the broadband speed test with all your laptops and the Xbox switched on and connected? If so your broadband speed will show as being slower than it actually is because each device will be sharing your 2mb connection.

Have you tried as oldbeefer2 suggests and just connecting one laptop via cable to your router and then doing a speed test?

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