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  AlexPB 09:36 28 Feb 2008


My broadband connection i supplied by Orange (used to be be wanadoo) and ive been with them for over a year now.
When i hover my mouse over the connected icon on the taskbar (the little computer screen with the signal) it says connected strength: Excellent and also speed: 54.0 Kbps.

My internet is not slow but just want to check so could somebody tell me if this sounds right because at work my connection always says Mbps not Kbps.

Also i did a speed test online and the results were as follows:

Download - 1956 Kbps
Upload - 201 Kbps

  AlexPB 09:48 28 Feb 2008


  MAJ 09:56 28 Feb 2008

It looks like you have a 2Mbit connection, does that sound right to you?

Looks about right assuming you have a 2MB package.
(ie its running @ 1.9MB which is acceptable)

  Gongoozler 09:58 28 Feb 2008

The figure given when you hover the cursor over your taskbar icon is fairly meaningless. The only figure that really counts is the one given by online tests. Your download speed is shown as almost 2M. What is your contracted download speed?

  AlexPB 10:01 28 Feb 2008

Well when i signed up for the package it said up to 6Mbps. Does this sound more like it to you?

  MAJ 10:06 28 Feb 2008

6Mbits is the theoretical speed you should be getting (that's why they say "up to"), but it depends on so many factors as to whether you get that speed or not, not least of those considerations is the distance you are from your exchange and the quality of your line. It might be that 2Mbits is the top speed your line can attaib.

  MAJ 10:07 28 Feb 2008

..........It might be that 2Mbits is the top speed your line can attain.

  Gongoozler 10:51 28 Feb 2008

You need to test your speed at different times. Immediately after school finishing time is generally the worst, when all the kiddies are downloading their MP3 files. The early hours of the morning is probably when you'll get the fastest download speeds.

  bjh 11:31 28 Feb 2008

The BT Speedtest will give you your best (simple answer)

click here
Results give something like:
IP profile for your line ~ tells what speed your ISP has set as max download speed
DSL connection rate UP /Down ~ tells you the line synch speed.

Actual IP throughput achieved ~ (last line) will tell you what you are actually downloading at

My guess is that you will get 2mbps for the first, ? for the second, 6mbps for the third (or less, down to 2mbps, and something close to 1956 for the last.
Run the test at various times of day.

If there is a HUGE difference between the DSL connection download speed, and the IP profile, your ISP could increase your connection speed.

I am no expert, so believe anyone who claims better knowledge!!!

  amonra 11:33 28 Feb 2008

How far are you from your exchange ? The figures you give suggest about 3 miles ? If you are closer than that then have a word with Orange. Dont hold your breath though, the so called "advisors" aren't !

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