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  jboyd 15:16 04 Feb 2008

Yes, that old chesnut!! I have been in contact with my ISP about my 8Mb connection, I am only getting an average of 200Kb speeds no matter what time of day I test it. Today, out of curiousity, I tested the line using my laptop and got a whopping 4Mb - much better. The laptop connects to the Internet through the 'slow' PC using a cross-over lead, so it uses the same ADSL modem a Zoom USB supplied by the ISP. My Internet settings point to this modem as the default and it appears in the Network connections, as part of my checks I have also checked the 'Modems' and I seem to have 2 entries in there, one with no connection and one on Com 5 according to the entry. The processor speeds of the two machines is similar although I think the laptop has a 'Mobile' Celeron so I don't know where to look next or if there is anything else I can try to pinpoint where the 'slow down' is on the PC; could it be that it thinks the modem on Com 5 is still there and so is not getting the full bandwidth?

  Dipso 16:33 04 Feb 2008

First of all try twekaing the slow machine with TCP Optimizer from click here Set the slider to your xonnection speed, choose your netwrok adapter from the dropdown menu then click on Optimal settings, and Apply. Reboot the PC and see if it's the same.

  Dipso 16:33 04 Feb 2008

Sorry that should be "tweaking"

  jboyd 20:29 10 Feb 2008

Tried the TCP Optimiser with no improvement. If I didn't know better it is as if it is using the bandwidth of the old modem, as the ADSL is connecting at over 6Mb every time it goes on to the Internet.

  jboyd 19:04 24 Feb 2008

I was just wondering if it might be the computer that is causing the problem. It is 5 years old and has a 1.7Ghz with 1Gb of RAM and I have found a slight increase in speed when using Firefox and the BT Speedtester I am using for the benefit of the ISP is showing the line rating is 5Mb.


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