Broadband speed

  TeamChris1981 21:51 01 Sep 2007

I know this may seem like a repetetive question, but how can I improve my Broadband speed?
Ive been looking at some software on the internet for which so called makes your broadband a bit faster and optimizes the speed and stuff.
Any ideas?

Thank You

  interzone55 22:03 01 Sep 2007

What speed are you getting at the moment?

  Dipso 22:05 01 Sep 2007

What product are you on, a fixed 1 or 2 Meg service or up to 8 Meg?

What speed are you getting currently?

Depending on your answers it may be possible to increase your connection speed and therefore your download speeds or if you are on a fixed service it may just be a case of tweaking your settings.

  woodchip 23:37 01 Sep 2007
  rdave13 00:14 02 Sep 2007

Hello woodchip. Superantispyware made a noise about CyberTweek. First time it's complained and stopped me trying your suggestion.I've the paid for version and runs an active scanner.

  EARLR 14:34 02 Sep 2007


  woodchip 14:42 02 Sep 2007

Well I have no problems with it

  rohankm 14:06 18 Jan 2008

heres one cool way to get awesome 200 % more browsing speed by changing 3 settings of the browser....its working great for me..check out click here

  jonattpm 08:37 05 Nov 2009

there are lots of source avail to accelerate internet speed,just add this my own tips to accelerate internet speed little better.

1. Go to Start-> Run-> and type gpedit.msc

2. Expand the Administrative Templates branch

3. Expand the Network tab

4. Highlight QoS Packet Scheduler

5. Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth and check the enabled box

6. Then Change the Bandwidth limit % to 0 %

Once you have done this click apply and restart your PC. After rebooting you should see a noticeable improvement in your net speed(ref: google).just find your internet speed here [url]click here[/url]

  anchor 08:48 05 Nov 2009

Have a look at this; it has helped me & others. A little trial and error may be required.

click here

  john bunyan 09:48 05 Nov 2009

On XP , I could not find Network tab in Admin Templates.

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