broadband speed

  raggy 2 21:03 22 Apr 2007

Can anyone tell me where i find out if i am able to get broadband speeds that are advertised on tv, you know the TISCALI ones etc etc that say up to 8 meg as i am still on 1 meg ( no laughing)
just want to get a better speed any help appreciated.

  Dipso 21:17 22 Apr 2007

If you can post the line stats from your modem or router click here I can try and give you an idea.

  raggy 2 21:23 22 Apr 2007

SpeedTouch 330

  Stuartli 21:29 22 Apr 2007

Enter your phone number or postcode at the bottom of this BT link:

click here

You can get an "up to 8MB" patch for your Speedtouch 330 at:

click here

A little obscure, but it's there.

However a modem router would be a much better bet.

  Dipso 21:34 22 Apr 2007

If you can follow the method of how to access your line stats from my earlier link, you'd get a better estimate of what you're likely to get than the BT guestimator. Your downstream attenuation figure is a very good way of calculating expected speeds.

  Jack Hackett 10:06 23 Apr 2007

The important thing to note is the term 'up to 8Mb'

Your line may not support 8Mb speeds, for whatever reason.

If your line is capable of handling those speeds, have you asked your ISP to upgrade your speed?
This can in some cases take a while because its all down to how quick BT pull their fingers out to do the job at your exchange.

  Stuartli 10:30 23 Apr 2007

Many ISPs are putting in their own LLU equipment in BT exchanges - I'm on TalkTalk's LLU service from my exchange and speed ranges between 6 and 6.5MB.

  Dipso 10:59 23 Apr 2007

The same principle applies to LLU connections...the speed you can get depends on your attenuation, distance from exchange amongst other things...unless you can get the higher speed LLU products supplied by Be (up to 24 Meg), Sky (up to 16 Meg) for example.

It can take even longer for BT to pull their finger out to migrate from IPStream to LLU as there's bit more work to be done at the exchange.

  Stuartli 11:59 23 Apr 2007

I'm aware of that, but the actual switchover to the LLU service was done without me even knowing about it..:-)

I knew a speed increase from 2MB was coming, but two months later have still not had official confirmation.

The speed increase is consistent with what the BT website used to advise was possible (I'm 580 yards from my exchange).

  Dipso 14:11 23 Apr 2007

I got 8 Meg with ADSL Max from the outset but the BT checker said I was likely to get 5?

As a general guide...if your downstream attenuation figure is less than 30db you should be able to connect at the full 8 Meg...obviously that doesn't necessarily mean you will get that speed in real downloads.

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