broadband speed

  spacecadet 20:45 02 Jan 2007

ive been monitoring the speed of download/ upload
for the last few days at different times of day etc
im on a 4mb package and the following is what im getting consistantly
1.9mb download and 0.2 upload
can anyone interprete these for me and is there anything i might be doing at my end to hog bandwidth.i would like to be as factual as possible before giving them a call.
also if anyone else is on a 4mb package what typical speeds do you get?
im using cable broadband,via cable router which is connected at 100 mbps,i also have a laptop and another pc connected wirelessly.
ive shut down the two wirelessly connected computers and makes no difference to speedtest,ive also closed programmes in toolbar that maybe trying to update etc,still no difference
regards D

  Migwell 23:52 02 Jan 2007

How far from Exchange?
How many people in the area are using the internet at the same time as you? (contention rate)
Have you spoken to others in your area and found out what speed they are getting?
Have you tried it at say 03:00 in the morning? (when it is quiet, BB traffic wise)
Is your exchange equiped for 4Meg?
Some of the things you need to consider.

I am on TalkTalk and I have a package that is sold as being up to 8mb but I only get 0.9mb as the wxchange will not be un-bundled untill end of May 2008.
Regards Migwell

  spacecadet 23:59 02 Jan 2007

1.approx 1.5 miles from exchange
2.not spoken to others as i dont know anyone on this cable deal
3.yeah tried at all wierd and wonderful times including 3 am (is consistantly the samish speed)
4.not sure about exchange,how can i check?

thanks migwell for reply

  [email protected] 00:02 03 Jan 2007

He is on cable therefore distance from exchange, contention ratio and how well the exchange is equipped will have no effect on his connection.

Spacecadet, where are you getting those figures from? Try downloading a test file from click here. I've found them pretty consistent and you should get a transfer rate of around 400Kb/s or more.

Also try a speedtest click here. I've just did one and got a result of 3.7Mb/s on my 4 meg Blueyonder connection

  spacecadet 00:05 03 Jan 2007
  [email protected] 00:10 03 Jan 2007

click here

Are you with NTL or Telewest? If you're sure there is nothing else using your connection and that you are definitely on the 4Mb tariff then I suggest you give them a call

  spacecadet 00:13 03 Jan 2007

yeah deffo on 4 meg,im with wightcable similar to ntl i guess

  spacecadet 00:14 03 Jan 2007

ps forgot to say ill give them a call and thanks for your help

  [email protected] 00:18 03 Jan 2007

They must be a relatively small company.

Anyway, one final way to check that nothing else is using your connection before you call them, go to network connection and double click your local area connection. When the internet is idle, there should be very little activity.

Good luck with calling them if you have to.

  spacecadet 00:27 03 Jan 2007

formerly omne communications,yeah just small comp cumbria,parts of scotland and isle of wight

i also checked "local area connection" no activity

thanks again

ill give them a call

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