Broadband Speed

  ReyesKing 13:35 22 Jan 2005

Hi i have NTL 100mbps connection on Windows XP Home 512 MB RAM with 2.70 GHZ. I regularly download using Winmx media download, but opening an internet browser page whilst downloading even one song is severely affected and takes a long time to appear. What can i do do improve this other than upgrading internet speed??? thankyou in anticipation

  ACOLYTE 13:47 22 Jan 2005

The 100Mbs connection i think is the lan connection is there another set of icons on the task bar?unless you mean 1Mbs bb connection?.

  johnnyrocker 13:47 22 Jan 2005

sounds lie your processor is very busy, have a look in task manager and see what seems to be hogging your useage most, also what anti spyware do you have if any?


  ReyesKing 13:52 22 Jan 2005

yes lan connection- ethernet 3com
i have norton antiviruss 2005, sygate firewall and ad-aware se personal

  ACOLYTE 13:55 22 Jan 2005

So what is your NTL BB conection? not sure about winmx never used it but the connection speed may be dependant on where and who you are downloading off.

  ReyesKing 13:56 22 Jan 2005

It says 100.0 Mbps yes but usually regardless of who it is internet does not slow to near halt. what could be the suspect?

  ACOLYTE 13:59 22 Jan 2005

Open the connect to folder in there should be 2 connections the lan 1 and the BB one right click the BB one select propeties and tick the box at the bottom "show icon when connected" then see what the connection speed is in task bar.

  ReyesKing 14:02 22 Jan 2005

yes its 100Mbps

  ACOLYTE 14:06 22 Jan 2005

I doubt very much you have a 100Mbs BB connection
do you mean 1Mbs?

  VoG II 14:12 22 Jan 2005

100 Mbps is showing the speed of your LAN card.

click here to download a speed test.

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