Broadband slowed down

  Les 13:17 01 Aug 2007

Yesterday morning I noticed that downloading has slowed dramatically - from 2.7/3.3 megs to a mere .97 megs. I have run the BT Speedtester and whilst it was checking I noticed that the box which appeared on screen said that I was configured for 1 meg.

A helpful operator at 0800 800 030 (thanks to a forum member for the number which he had posted in a similar post) has advised me to wait a day or two in case work is being carried out at the exchange. However, the notice saying that I was configured for 1 meg concerns me - would they do this at the exchange if work is being carried out. Is anyone in the Willenhall (W. Mids) area experiencing this? Has anyone had this happen?

Your veiws on this appreciated.

  Ikelos 15:34 01 Aug 2007

might sound daft. but my BT BB went down to a crawl, it was cured by switching off the router, leave for 15-20 seconds, then putting it back on, and lo and behold, is was all sorted.

  Les 17:08 01 Aug 2007

Not daft at all My 210 sometimes refuses to work, I do what you did. Switch the router off, then cloe down the machine. Leave for some 20 seconds and then switch on first the machine and then the router. In that case it works for quite a while. But, alas, this not the case here.

I think someone in BT have done something to my IP Profile (whatever that is!) - the box which comes up when you use Speedtester clearly states that my IP Profile is 1000 kbps - and the speed test brings up 975 kbps - if I were paying for 1 meg then this would be a reasonable speed - but I'm paying for Up to 8 Megs - so, allowing for distance away from the exchange and the number of people on line at the sme time - it certainly isn't reasonable ! At the moment they deny that anything has been altered - but it's their equipment that is telling me different. If there is no improvement by tomorrow then I shall be on the phone again. This time to a UK Engineer not an Indian call centre - I just couldn't make out what they were saying, I thought it was my ears playing tricks - but an english operator was as clear as a bell!

  Dipso 21:39 01 Aug 2007

If your profile has lowered it means your connection must have dropped at some point to much lower than your usual speed. It is unlikely to be work at the exchange that has caused this, more some noise inteference that has affected your line. If your connection speed is back to what it usually is, your profile should pick up in 3 days.

  Les 22:35 01 Aug 2007

Thanks for the info. This is the second day so, fingers crossed, I should be back up to speed tomorrow or Friday. Why couldn't the BT Broadband operator tell me that I wonder?

  jeano 22:54 01 Aug 2007

Similar problem with Tiscali broadband and had problem for about 3 weeks. Reported it about 10 days ago after a BT speed test showed the line was "optimised for 1000 kbps". Subsequent tests vary between 1000 kpbs and 2000 kbps and I've got an 8Mbs service which had stabilised at between 4.5 and 5.0 over the last six months. Also BT speedtest often tells me that my id does not match the ip details or that "service is busy". I reconnected the ASDL modem in case it was my router and taskbar shows available bandwith of 1.5 Mbps. Still phoning Tiscali and they have stated that they have escalated it (three times now) to BT and I am waiting for a BT Engineer to visit but, BT system is down and they can't give me an appointment there and then and will ring back - not yet they haven't. I'm in East Mids and in the sticks but not far from my local exchange. Could be a ploy by BT for consumers to get fed up with their ISPs and convert to BT - do you think? Still waiting. In fact I'll 'phone yet again right now!

  Graham. 23:04 01 Aug 2007

I don't think any company would blatantly give bad service to gain customers. Too many people at all levels would need to be involved, with little, if any, rewards, but severe penalties when it inevitably came out.

  jeano 23:20 01 Aug 2007

Should have put a smiley there I think - it was meant as a joke. But anyway, phoned Tiscali again and BT appointment booking system still down and cannot book appointment - hey ho! Can I call back tomorrow? Considering I have called every day for the last 10 days and they have stated that they have detected a fault on the line (9 days ago) I asked them whether they could call me! I'll need to take a day annual leave as it is. What a palaver! But seriously though folks - do you think it could be something to do with the floods (even though my local exchange is not flooded)?

  Les 00:52 02 Aug 2007

My contract runs out on Sept 6th. The BT Broadband Operator told me that after I had complained of my problem and asked for the end date - and then asked if I would take advantage of the discounts to renew the contract ( new contracts I see have increased from 12 to 18 months). I told him that I would consider it when my problem was resolved. You've got to hand it to him for trying <g>.

I wouldn't think that they would give bad service deliberately - especially when they want you renew your contract - a local radio presenter is fond of the quote " Never put down to malice what could easily be ignorance". I quoted that IP Profile of 1 meg and it was received with stony silence - probably didn't have a clue what that was (like me).

I may chuck BT and go Cable - with fibre optics I'm told that speeds can be faster, I wonder if that's true and at what cost. Jeano - on your experience it certainly won't be Tiscali. If it hadn't been for a fella on this forum publishing the BT Number to call I would have still been talking (but not hearing their replies!). The 'Service is busy' is, no doubt, true - it would seem that perhaps my problem is being experienced by many others.

No floods between me and the exchange, thank goodness!

If this matter resolves itself in three days as I have seen quoted in other posts I'll post the fact.

Thanks to you all.

  Ikelos 08:07 02 Aug 2007

Hope it all works out ok in the end. what on earth did we all do before we had laptops and the like. perhaps we had other things to worry about. :-))

  Les 10:42 02 Aug 2007

'What on earth did we do before we had laptops and the like'

A good question - in my case I played the electric organ , drove all over the midlands - mainly to motor cycle race venues, DIY. The computer was for the periods when I was 'idle' <g>. But, like all good things, they come to an end. In my case my eyes have deteriorated to a point where driving would be dangerous and, relucrtantly, I had to sell my beloved Corsa SR. Age has taken care of a lot of the DIY too - fortunately I can still play the organ! Computing therefore became my main occupation and that, at 77 years of age, is my main 'occupation' and a good thing too - it keeps the 'little grey cells' ticking over. It is, as we all know, a very addictive hobby.

Mobiles, on the other hand have never held any attraction for me at all - but youngsters nowadays seem to have them permanently fixed in their hands. I remember that I once saw a woman with two - firmly clamped one to each ear holding a three way conversation! Another woman with the phone held against her ear was steering her car around an acute bend. I suppose that, if we have not done these things we know people who have.

I confess to being well and truly 'hooked' on technology, so is my cousin and he is over 80. Could we do without? I think not.

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