Broadband Sloooow

  User-1BD6D3E1-0CC3-49F6-BF40FF97E4E996B4 16:25 21 Jan 2003

I have a 512Kbps broadband connection which I believe should give me a download speed of up to 64K a second. Now I'm not expecting 64K download speed all the time because I know it is also down to the speed of the site and how busy it is but should it go down to more or less then half that say around 30K a second? When the download begins it up above the 64K then it spirals down 57K, 50K, 47K, 40K until it averages about 30K.

When I first got connected back in October the download speed was keeping around 62K which I was happy with, in fact I would be happy if it kept above 60K. Are there any other factors besides a busy website and the maximum speed a website can handle that could cause this slowdown? I used to be able to download a 5Mb file in around 1m 24s, when I tested it earlier this afternoon it took about 2m 50s to download the same file. I was planning to upgrade to Blueyonder 1 Megabit but I am concerned if I am losing around 30K and 512kbps then I probably lose 60K on 1 megabit which would give me considerable less then the maximum speed of 128K that 1 megabit gives, it wouldn't even put me past the 100K a second barrier.

  AndySD 16:33 21 Jan 2003

Its not unusual for that to happen as you say it depends on the server and a few other factors...

click here

and test your speed.

  JoeC 16:41 21 Jan 2003
  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 17:13 21 Jan 2003

just tested mine got 55k, not bad but could be better.
Could it be down to contention ratios? or just the time of day.
Was downloading a file the other eve and was only getting 14k! tried logging of and re-booting the connected again and got 60k! so perhaps a memory leak? (by the way am currently connected at 576k) but i dont think the connection speed has owt to do with d/loads. Still worth the money though!!

  pj123 18:11 21 Jan 2003

OH Sh** I am due to get Broadband at 600k on Thursday 23/01. Courtesy of NTL. Should I change my mind????


  Gaz 25 18:12 21 Jan 2003
  AndySD 18:24 21 Jan 2003

No ...

I have been using NTL broadband for almost a year now...its great .

  accord 18:25 21 Jan 2003


  accord 18:27 21 Jan 2003

im averaging 75KB/s on NTL 600K

  Tazfan 18:27 21 Jan 2003

My results from a few seconds ago.

Your download speed is 172 kilobytes per second.

For comparison purposes here are typical speeds for common Internet connections. Speeds are listed in kilobytes per second.


56 k modem

128 k ISDN

1 Mb DSL

Cable modem1

T-1 Line

1- Can vary widely depending on system load.

Because this test measured the download speed of a single file from the CABLE-MODEM.NET server to your computer, it may not be indicative of the actual bandwidth available through your modem or its access speeds to other Web sites.

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