Broadband sharing question

  Diodorus Siculus 09:26 09 Jun 2005

I have just ordered BtInternet Broadband (business).

Up to 2Mbps, uncapped. Had to be business as the line is a business line but only ever (as in one fax a month maybe?) used for the fax so I decided to get it BB enabled as the main phone system cannot be BB enabled.

Anyway, I will have it in the downstairs office, but will want to connect my centrino laptop upstairs sometimes.

So, some questions:

1: will this belkin router do the job? click here

2: do I connect the router to the PC via network port or has it to be wireless?

3 - the house is about a hundered years old and pretty solid. How good will this router be at getting through fairly solid walls / ceilings / floors?

Finally, would this be a better option? click here

  Taff36 10:44 09 Jun 2005

I take it you have a PC downstairs as well? Anyway - I would go for the second link because that has 4 port ethernet connections for cable as well as wireless. Attaching the USB adapter to the downstairs PC you can set up the network wirelessly or by cable. to the router/modem. Upstairs the Centrino should be able to pick up the signal quite well but it depends on how many walls or floors it has to go through. I set up a wireless router on the middle of three floors in a Victorian building successfully. If it doesn`t pick up the wireless the fall back is always the cable but I suspect you will be OK.

  Sapins 10:48 09 Jun 2005

In my postings, thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:10 09 Jun 2005

Thanks Peter, that answered my questions.
Yes, the main PC will be downstairs in the office where I work. But I will also want to use the laptop up in the sitting room at times I expect.

I will prefer to connect the router to the PC via cable so will take the second option. I expect that the wireless will work - I really don't want to have to bring cables around the house.

Many thanks again, Dio. I'll let you know how it goes - the line is due to be enabled on Monday 20th I believe.

  wjrt 11:38 09 Jun 2005

if you have telephone extension socket then this network adapter from BT will work from USB port

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 11:40 09 Jun 2005

Thanks wjrt but the page has expired! Can you try again?

  wjrt 11:43 09 Jun 2005

seems broken link but from BT you can get a voyager router/modem and using a home network adapter can access from a phone extension which is on same line
BT home networking 0800 587 8877
difficult to find online at BT com though

  Diodorus Siculus 11:52 09 Jun 2005

Ok, wjrt, many thanks for that - useful number!

  DieSse 14:09 09 Jun 2005

Ah - see it's repeated here anyway - You'll know what I mean from your email.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:14 09 Jun 2005

I've a feeling that the wireless signal should go ok - a friend came over with wireless headphones she just got in Aldi and they work transmitting from the top of the house to reception in the basement (5 levels). Looking forward to getting it all sorted then!

  Taff36 08:41 10 Jun 2005

click here This bundle includes a very good USB Wireless Adapter and, unlike a Belkin one I bought, has a very heavy base so it won`t fall over when placed on your desk! Again it has 4 ethernet ports. Ihave set up several of these and although the instructions leave something to be desired I can easily talk you through it!

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