Broadband sharing

  airbourne1 19:32 01 Jun 2003

I use a Medion PC running Windows ME and have an Alcatel USB modem for my broadband connection. My daughter is home from Uni and wants to share my broadband connection in her room on her laptop which uses XP. (and I want her off my computer!)
I read the thread about routers and thought to myself that this seems to be cracking the nut with the proverbial sledgehammer! Who can provide a simple and cheap answer to my problem? If you can help you will have the undying gratitude of thousands of parents and students.

  steven_frost 19:38 01 Jun 2003

the cheapest is to find out if your daughters laptop as a network card if not buy two network cards and a cable has to be a twisted cable install the cards then on your daughter xp laptop run the network wizard and follow what is says on the screen and that as they say should be that

  LastChip 19:39 01 Jun 2003

If each of your machines has a network card, you could use a crossover cable and Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

Or, if both have USB ports, you can get a special cable that will allow you to network the machines via USB.

Either way, you will have to set up a network connection for it to happen!

  airbourne1 21:16 01 Jun 2003

thanks to both for the ideas, the usb option sounds good, but I seem to recall that the length is limited to 5 metres? I would probably need about 15 Metres to run the cable tidily.

  Lead 21:22 01 Jun 2003

If you go the ICS route, however, you will have to leave your PC on in order for her to access the internet on hers.

If you're after an inexpensive, temporary solution, then ICS will suffice. But if it's going to be a regular occurance, then a router is the way to go.

  soy 21:24 01 Jun 2003

Instead of USB, use a cross-over network cable, providing both PC's have network cards.

  billyliv 23:59 01 Jun 2003

Hi, The only reliable way to do it is to get a router, ( I use a 'D' Link Di604 ) and a 15 Mtr. or whatever length of striaght through Cat 5 cable you need. You can then use your broadband connection independently. Cheers, Bill

  Gaz W 00:10 02 Jun 2003

I wouldn't say that a router is the only reliable way - ICS is an excellent and cheap way to do what you are looking for, and in my experience just as reliable. The PC basically acts like the router for the laptop. As long as you don't mind the PC being left on, there is no problem.

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) was made easy from Windows 98 (or 98 SE) onwards, so Windows ME and XP should have no problem.

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