sillysoo 07:16 25 Mar 2005

Hi, I know that you can share your broadband connection with other computers in the house, but how far away from the main computer can you make it work. e.g. I have broadband on my comp. at home but would like to share it on my laptop at a house a mile away, is this possible?...Thanks in advance

  sat481 08:15 25 Mar 2005

Most Broadband accounts are locked to the actual billing address so you can't use it in a different location. For Broadband sharing it is usually done via a home network and WiFi is limited to maximum of about 100m (probably less with obstacles in the way). So it is not really possible to share to a house 1 mile away.


  sillysoo 08:51 25 Mar 2005

Thanks Sat, but what if say you have a hugh garden and you want to take your laptop to the end of the garden?.....

  Jackcoms 09:43 25 Mar 2005

"you have a huge garden and you want to take your laptop to the end of the garden?"

I think sat481 has already answered that question hasn't he?

"WiFi is limited to maximum of about 100m".

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