broadband setup - is it lan or dialup?

  mad1234 12:40 04 Oct 2006

hi guys this pc is driving me nuts!!!
the connection for it is thru tiscali broadband & everytime the connection to the internet was made it crashed the computer. i have removed the software for the modem & re-installed it with the same problem so i decided that i would make a new connection but i don'e know if it is LAN or dialup.
if it is dialup then i don;t know what settings to put in.
we want the pc to connect to the internet on startup - is this possible?
the pc is using windows me & the broadband modem plugs in the usb port

once again thanks in advance for all your help

  Stuartli 13:21 04 Oct 2006

If it's a USB modem then it's configured using Windows DUN, otherwise it's LAN.

Sounds as though you have a Tiscali Sagem (or Speedtouch) USB modem.

The drivers and software should be installed first and the modem only connected when instructed.

Tiscali's Help and Support pages on its website offer very extensive and clear installation instructions, along with a comprehensive troubleshooting section.

  mad1234 13:24 04 Oct 2006

yes it's a Tiscali Sagem
i will have a look at Tiscali's Help and Support pages & let you know how i get on

thanks Mad

  Stuartli 13:44 04 Oct 2006

If you use the Tiscali BB CD-ROM installation disk correctly all the configuration is done for you.

By the way, once you have got it going, you should download the latest Sagem drivers from its website; in the setup's ISP menu you will find Tiscali listed. Use that one.

  mad1234 14:03 04 Oct 2006

i think that the cable from the filter or the filter is dodgy. going to get hold of someone elses & try them but it will be tomorrow before i can try it
will let you know how it goes
thanks Stuartli for all your help

  Stuartli 14:46 04 Oct 2006

If possible use an ADSL data cable direct from the Master Socket (via the splitter/filter) to your modem - you can buy one quite cheaply in various lengths; the one I use is a 10m cable and is routed under the carpets.

  mad1234 15:15 04 Oct 2006

had a brainwave & borrowed the works cable & filter. still no joy, therefore i am going to try removing the drivers & reinstalling them myself (it wasn't me who put them in originally)

  mad1234 16:44 04 Oct 2006

ok have now reinstalled the drivers & the ADSL light still won't come on. i have been through all the things it suggests on the help & support for this problem but no joy
has anyone any more suggestions

just a thought - does it matter that i have the modem plugged into a different phone line than it usually is plugged into?

  DieSse 16:48 04 Oct 2006

*does it matter that i have the modem plugged into a different phone line than it usually is plugged into?*

It matters if you have it plugged into a phone line that doesn't have ADSL on it.

Your modem should NOT be going through a filter - the filters are for all regular phone connections - including faxes, sky boxes, dial-up (analogue) modems, all telephones.

  Stuartli 18:09 04 Oct 2006

So, without a splitter/filter, how are you going to connect your ADSL cable (plus normal phone connection) to the Master, or any other socket?

  mad1234 21:26 04 Oct 2006

the lad who's pc it is has taken it home & is going to try it on the phone line that it is usually plugged into
i will let you know if it works or not (hope it does! for the sake of my own sanity)

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