broadband setup- engineer or not?

  Workezz 16:39 06 Feb 2004

My mum and dad have at the moment got 2 lines 1 for the internet and 1 for making calls i want to convert the dial-up to broadband, i have a problem though in that there would be no need 4 the second phone line anymore, is this going to cause any problems when i come to setup for broadband? (i.e. spliter or router of some kind has been mentioned to me before in creating the second line from the original home phone line)

Plus the house alarm is connected to the phone line, so my question is should i get an engineer to come and install the broadband or are these only minor details that i should be able to cope with myself?


  westdudes 16:43 06 Feb 2004

i know of people that have done the same thing...and depending on some certain aspects of your alarm just get someone to check it first....but there maybe people on here that have an answer to a better knowledge than me...but all i can say is some people i know have had a little trouble with better to be on the safe side:)

  AubreyS 16:46 06 Feb 2004

The alarm must have its own line.

  joel42 16:50 06 Feb 2004

If your alarm is on BT Redcare, you will need a separate line

  Sir Radfordin 16:54 06 Feb 2004

There shouldn't be a problem with the fact you have got two phone lines. Just make sure you don't order BB on the one you get rid of!

As Joel42 says, then if you are on BT Redcare then you do need a separate line for the alarm. However if this is not the case it is likely that you can just treat it as another phone and providing the REN value doesn't go over 4 you shouldn't have a problem.

  roy 16:58 06 Feb 2004

If you are talking BT and ADSL broadband, I found it dead easy to instal and certainly wouldn't have needed an engineer. No splitter (other than the filter, which is supplied) is involved in separating voice from internet.

I don't know the answer to your house alarm problem and this may need attention from you alarm installers.

As regards your second line and indeed your whole proposition why not have a word with BT or your phone company?

Hope you get it sorted.

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