Broadband set up - why dial up modem?

  eddiejackr 19:24 07 Mar 2006

My ISP is Pipex. Why when I set this up in Windows XP do I have to say "Connect using a dial up modem" - this is in the Pipex set up instructions. It all works fine - but I don't understand why it isn't set up as a DSL connection etc? I thought dial-up was altogether different from broadband?

  howard63 19:41 07 Mar 2006

its just the way xp sees it - as it works ok do not worry about it.

  LAP 19:43 07 Mar 2006

If not, tick 'Never dial a connection'

  yaesu 19:56 07 Mar 2006

I switched from a usb speedtouch to a voyager 205 router using RJ45 socket, it seems faster. to get to your point the instruction sheet says this,
1 click stsrt then control panel
2 click internet options (network and internet connections first in XP)
3 click connections tab
4 click never dial a connection
5 click lan settings
6 tick automatically detect settings
7 click ok twice.

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