Broadband and security issues

  thefoolmonte 10:21 15 Mar 2003

Am considering changing over from using BT Home Highway ISDN to Broadband as there is a good offer on up to the end of this month. No conversion or connection charges and modem + 2 filters for £50.

Worried about the security issues involved. Broadband being on all the time does this mean that you cannot disconnect and work offline, and can it be set to automatically disconnect after a certain period of inactivity ? Am worried about hackers etc accessing my pc. I have AVG antivirus and Zone Alarm firewall installed. Will these be sufficient to protect me or do I need additional software ?

Using MS XP Home operating software.

Can anyone out there advise me please ?

  graham 10:24 15 Mar 2003

Broadband is on all the time but you're not connected to it all the time.

  VoG™ 10:25 15 Mar 2003

If you've got ZoneAlarm you will be fine.

  spuds 10:32 15 Mar 2003

As Vog as stated, you should be okay with ZoneAlarm.Many people tend to get very concerned about hacking on 'domestic' computer system, but in reality, the hackers tend to go for bigger and better things.

  Forum Editor 10:38 15 Mar 2003

doesn't mean that you're connected to the internet 24 hours a day. You'll only be online when you initiate the connection, so you'll have a different, dynamically assigned IP address each time you connect.

Some people do leave their machines connected constantly, but it's unnecessary and potentially dangerous. A computer that's online for very long periods is like a tiny beacon beeping its presence on a fixed IP address, and that's just what hackers look for. Having said that, hacked personal computers are as rare as hens teeth, and although it does happen the risk is very slight.

  thefoolmonte 10:56 15 Mar 2003

Thank you to all who have responded and I certainly feel a lot happier and confident that I will be doing the right thing, and should be able to sleep well at nights.

Just one small point which no one has answered so far - can I set it up to disconnect after a certain period of inactivity ? Just a belt and braces job ( I used to be an accountant !).

  mikef™ 11:03 15 Mar 2003

Not as far as I know.

  leo49 11:11 15 Mar 2003

Following a recommendation on the forum over a year ago, I use a utility called Tick to launch/shut down Zone Alarm and a couple of other utilities whenever I connect/disconnect from the Internet[Broadband]. This has a facility to disconnect after a user-defined period of inactivity and might be useful to you.


  [email protected] 11:28 15 Mar 2003

I use Black Ice Defender click here & click here (for email) 1 is a firewall the other is antivirus scanner both cost small fees per annum but absolutely reliable whether you are online for long periods or not.
I have used thes programs for years & only hackers with high penetration can hope to get in & even then they are identified readily & instantly dealt with depending on your choices of security. I switched from ISDN to satellite & I am still trying to get Broadband through my exchange more for the benefit of my friends. Possibly to cut costs down from £50 per to £29.99 per month.
The decision is yours

  vinnyT 12:08 15 Mar 2003

There shouldn't be a prob, as others have said. When I'm at the pc but don't want to be online I just right click zonealarm and select 'stop all internet activity'

  Gaz W 18:36 15 Mar 2003

When I don't want to be connected, for example when the firewall isn't running or something, I switch off the cable modem. I leave it on most of the time because the connection is shared between a few PCs.

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