Broadband Router - HELP!

  Muckleface 22:53 17 Jun 2003

I have NTL Broadband 600k through the modem supplied by NTL.

Ive recently got a second PC so I bought this router...

click here seems to be VERY tempermental! I can get internet connection on both PCs but then it stops for no reason!? The only way I can get it going agin is by diconnecting the power from the router, then reconnecting the power and pressing the reset button on the back! This would only be mildly irrating if the router wasnt TWO FLOORS away!!!

Ive checked the configuration and been throught the manual (not that theres much info in it) hundreds of times and asked around on the net but no-one seems to know whats happening!?

PLEASE can ANYONE offer ANY advice cos this is seriously driving me insane!!!



  Muckleface 15:35 21 Jun 2003

Ok, then can anyone reccomend a router that can be used with an ntl 600k broadband modem?


  jazzypop 15:55 21 Jun 2003

Any of the Netgear range - see

I use the FR114P, because I like the built-in print server and 'high-level' firewall.

  Despicable Desperado 23:28 21 Jun 2003

You could try the DLink DI604 or the Belkin (this is supposed to be the best if you also have an XBox)

  lsd.cycles 02:19 22 Jun 2003

I use the same MENTOR router, also with ntl 150k, the router works ok with my setup.
I know this may not help you, but it lets you know the router compatible with NTL.

  billyliv 09:46 22 Jun 2003

Hi, You seem to be losing your IP address from NTL or your lease time is set veeeeerrrryyyy low. Have a chat with an NTL engineer (report it as a fault) I use a D Link DI-604 and it has never caused me any heartaches. Cheers, Bill

  SEASHANTY 11:35 22 Jun 2003

There is a review of several broadband routers in the August 2003 (current issue) of PC PRO magazine.

  Muckleface 21:09 24 Jun 2003

I managed to contact another purchaser through the website where I bought the router, he was having the same porblems.

He advised me he had found the website of the manufacturer so I sent an email and got a reply with a firmware update!

Its now been connected fsince midday without one disconnection!



  Dearersteak 22:00 24 Jun 2003

ok, see, thats strange... because i have a completely different router, and EXTACTLY the same problem! After about a month, I finaly came to the conculsion that it was NTL! This is my router!

click here

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