Broadband router ?

  paul654 22:59 20 Jan 2004

I`m think about sharing my broadband connection with my daughters pc, upstairs. I`ve been looking at the `Netgear` wireless router (£69.99 at pc world). I wasn`t sure about networking/routing so I asked the PC `expert` at my local PC world. He put his head in his hands, shook it slowly and said `Good Luck!!!` He seemed to think that wireless routing was fraught with problems and takes a lot of setting up if your not a PC genius. Is this true, i`d like to know before parting with my cash, I was under the impression that it was quite simple.

  Chegs ® 23:09 20 Jan 2004

Actually setting up a network isn't that hard,getting it to work can be a struggle. :-)

Wireless tech might have advanced loads,but a look thru PCA's pages will show that the signal can be a pig,adsl slowdowns,dropped connections,etc.

I was going to get a wireless router with built-in modem,but had a good think about it,and decided a standard cabled network(which I already have)was good enough.It has run continuously now for several years,with the only hitch being caused by the carpet fitters who sliced thru the cable whilst laying the stair carpet. :-)

  paul654 23:12 20 Jan 2004

Might actually use a wired system after all, just didnt fancy taking up carpets to run out, wife will go mad (only just had them fitted)

  Gaz 25 23:13 20 Jan 2004

Wireless routers can be a little poor on security if not set-up correctly.

But they are fine to set-up. Come here if you need anyhelp.

I set-up one yesterday for a client, all happy he was.

  Stowit 09:44 10 Apr 2004

I found it a bit of a struggle, partly as with some second hand bits I didn't get all the idiots guide stuff. However the hardware was all straight forward, it just wasn't as easy as I hoped with the setup. I'm certainly no expert, but stuborn & persevered. Now I'm well happy with it. On balance I'd recommend, but just don't buy the bits thinking you'll be sorted in 5 mins. All goes well, you may be, but it took me a few days as a first timer, to get my head around it all !!!
As long as you can still get online with one PC there's always good help & advice here, & some manufacturers websites are good resources to give an overview of what to do even if you've not using their goods. It's nice not to be tethered to the phone for my laptop, & I couldn't do my other PC with wires (long story)

  Stowit 10:00 10 Apr 2004

Oh incidentaly, I've not really experienced the issues Chegs has. Only once suffered one wireless failure. It just wasn't working one morning ! I reset (switched it of & on) the router & it has worked fine. The distance these things work at is 'optomistic', but it works all about my home & at my neighbours across the road. (Not 300m though). My router (Origo) has a built in modem so all PCs can use it irespective of each other. This was what I wanted, but I'm not sure if you want to control your daughters access to the internet if its easyer being able to swith off a master PC. Of course you can always switch the router off, but it depends where everything's situated.

  LeadingMNMs 10:07 10 Apr 2004

I've never had any problems with my wireless router and it stays on all day, though i do turn it off at night. Signal strength has never been a problem as it reaches all through my house. I do have WEP on for security but in a home environment I think that its pretty unlikely that someones going to try and hack your network and use your connection.

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