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  Migwell 00:30 07 Apr 2004

What happens if you do not equip all used phone sockets with the BB Filter.

Can you not just run all sockets after 1 filter and just have another filter for the computer?

If you count all the phone equipment I have it will cost a fortune for all the filters.

1 for the Computer
2 another for the phone on my desk
3 another for the phone in the garage
4 another for the phone in the hall
5 another for the phone at the side of my bed
6 another for the phone at the side of Daughters bed
7 another for Sky satalite box

all this equipment is conected and working. Yes I know about the 4REN that BT say but it works none the less, and I still get 40 and 44 K on download.

Any thoughts please as I am thinking about Tiscali 128. Or do any of you know about another BB ISP at £15.99 per month that is better?

  Forum Editor 00:33 07 Apr 2004

you'll have a major problem making a phone call on it - the line will crackle so badly any meaningful conversation will be impossible.

  Daz35 00:36 07 Apr 2004

click here for a comparison on ISP's

  clayton 00:45 07 Apr 2004
  fsbb 08:42 07 Apr 2004

As Forum Editor says - signal for each piece of connected equipment has to go through a filter.

Most ISPs supply 2 filters and charge around £9 for each additional filter. By shopping around especially searching Internet filter can be picked up for £4 to £5.

Alternatively, most phone installations have one cable wired into master phone socket from which all extensions are fed 'daisy chain style' socket to socket. Disconnect that cable from main socket and fix a plug onto it. Plug a filter into main socket and plug in main phone cable into filter. Run the BB cable from that filter to modem - may need a good quality extension lead.

I have no problems with this type of installation. The principal is that all phone equipment receives signal from phone side of filter and modem signal from modem side of filter.

This is similar to fsbb comment about the master socket. BT used to install an ADSL master socket which has a filter built in, the master socket is an NTE5. You can still find these sockets if you trawl the internet, which means the rest of your extension sockets won't require a filter.

However, word of warning, the master socket belongs to BT and not you. So if you play around with it and bugger it up they will charge you to come out and sort the situation.

  Eastender 09:54 07 Apr 2004

Filters 2 for £3.99

click here

  Graham ® 10:05 07 Apr 2004

You can get a master socket faceplate with a filter which will serve all the extensions. This will necessitate it being where you connect the modem. click here

Another guide to filters click here

  Migwell 21:45 07 Apr 2004

Thanks to all for the explanations on this problem. I like the idea of using a new face plate to save all those filters. Thanks once more.


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