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  bronnie 222 12:54 19 Nov 2008

Will try to be concise!
Started BT Total Broadband in August and always had serious wireless connection problems. They replaced BT Home Hub last month. Internet coonection with cable always been ok. BB wireless service better, but still loses connection several hours at a time at least once a day.
Eventually complaint handed to BT Specialist Team, who told me to remove cover from ASDL V10 box and plug hub and main phone into that box. Now they seem to say problem is here and may send an engineer to visit. I have found that if I can't get online wirelessly , by connecting a phone call, my wireless connection magically reappears!( I always ring BT's 0800 number and put the phone down so it's not costing me!).
My question, I need to understand what's going on , so I can stay one step ahead of BT. I am a bit of a simpleton in these matters and don't want them to feed me a load of b*******again.
I have a formal complaint in place with them at present, their service has been truly appalling and I have had a tremendous battle to get this far.
Any advice gratefully received

  brundle 15:45 19 Nov 2008

Strange problem - is your phone cordless? Have you used wireless before this with no problems, with a different router and/or ISP? Can other wireless machines connect without problems? Have you tried different wireless channels? 1,6 and 11 - don't bother trying any others.

  bronnie 222 22:59 19 Nov 2008

Thanks for your response.
Yes my phone is cordless and no I haven't used wireless at this address before. Bought a new laptop in August and set up BT B/B with Home Hub, so I could use laptop around the house. Laptop connects no problem to local unsecured networks, when my BB wireless connection is not working and I'm desperate to check emails and used it fine wirelessly when staying at a hotel recently. Don't really know about using other wireless channels, just keep throwing problem back to BT.
Luckily managed to cancel my direct debit before they took payment so they have more incentive to sort things out. Haven't tried any other wireless machines Bit thick about these things , not really looking for a solution here, just trying to second guess what BT might come up with , so I'm prepared!
Thank you very much.

  mgmcc 09:02 20 Nov 2008

I think you've already narrowed the problem down to the "wireless" connection between the Home Hub and your Laptop. As you can connect when using a cable, the actual ADSL connection (which is what BT would check out) is working OK.

As 'brundle' has established, you have a cordless phone and that's the most likely cause of the interference which is causing your Laptop/Router connection to be lost.

You can go into a Router's settings (the Home Hub is a Router) by typing its IP address into your web browser and then entering the router's Username & Password, which should be in the manual or on a label on the underside, when prompted.

Within the wireless settings, there will be an entry for the Channel number it uses to broadcast the radio signal. As suggested, try 6 or 11 which tend to be the default values in most routers. Your cordless phone probably uses a frequency around channel 1 or 2 so, if this is the problem, using 6 or 11 should alleviate the problem.

  bronnie 222 09:38 20 Nov 2008

Thank you both for your responses, which have been very clear and helpful. I'm too unsure to fiddle with settings etc myself (Sorry, I do know that's pathetic!). The BT engineer set up my BB and Hub in the first instance and I'm leaving it to them to resolve (Ha ha!), but you've certainly helped clarify my understanding of the situation, which I greatly appreciate.

  broadband57 11:14 20 Nov 2008

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