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  project 90 23:58 10 Jan 2008

hi guys
i was wondering if any 1 knows of any broadband providers that you can just pay for the broadband and dont have to pay for the phone ilne rental

i was planning on moving into my girlfriends but i need to get the phone line installed i was wondering if there is any way of not paying the £15 line rental as i was only wanting to use the line for broadband and not calls.

any 1 heard of such a thing? or am i stuck paying for the line rental?

  Totally-braindead 00:08 11 Jan 2008

Doesn't exist. Someone would have to provide the phone line and therefore get paid. How else could you connect? Unless you stole the wireless connection from someone else and if you did this and were caught you would be prosecuted.

If you live in an area covered by one of the media companies you can get deals where if you take on a package you are getting such a good deal you effectively get your line rental or whatever for free. A friend of mine has an Orange mobile phone and gets his internet for free, but does still pay for his phone line though.

  Jim_F 00:26 11 Jan 2008

The need for a phone line is only if you can't get cable.

If you have cable access in your girlfriends area then you could use this - you can get 'unlimited' useage but its not cheap at around £25 a month for Virgin media (as always check for deals).

The only other option is if you have a WiFi hotspot - either paid or free - in your area.

  MAJ 10:13 11 Jan 2008

You could use the mobile network, but it costs about £25 per month with an 18 month contract and there's a 3 GB montly limit.

  Hawy 11:16 11 Jan 2008

If you are in the right area then there is a Tiscali package with free line rental at £14.99 BUT you need to have a line connected in the first place. click here

BT line rental (plus VAT) is £33 per quarter (£11 pm)

  martjc 11:56 11 Jan 2008

...if you DO find a way of doing it, please post here. It will make you a wiser man than the rest of us.

No, seriously, your only serious option without a phone line is with VirginMedia - if it is available in your area. But this has already been said.

  Sea Urchin 13:23 11 Jan 2008

Possibly another option

click here

  project 90 16:46 11 Jan 2008

cheers for the response guys unforunatley i am not in a cable covered area so guess it the £11 line rental.
so what u guys reckon the best deal then for isp with unlimited dl usage or very high above 10gb i would say

and martjc if i EVER EVER find away of getting away with the line rental leagally i will let u know 1st

cheers again guys quite a bit of fun reading some of these posts :)

  MAJ 17:16 11 Jan 2008

Don't go with Tiscali without first reading the problems users are having with their 8Mbit service. Check out their forums. click here

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