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  Dark Knight 21:41 11 Aug 2005

Do all broadband providers offer the same service in terms of
a) parental controls
b) firwalls
c) virus checking
d) spam filtering.

I have read many of the previous posts based on speeds / customer service etc but never on the above. Some companies seem to make it obvious they offer these things whilst others make no mention. Are they simply assuming people realise they are standard or do they simply not offer them.

If you are simply making a decision based on speed, download amounts and customer service this is 'relatively simple' read previous posts and websites and away you go - but if the above are important, particularly a) things become more difficult.

Can anybody recommend a provider/package which is for low useage (i.e. speed and download amounts are not paramount) but parental controls are essential and obviously at a competitive price.

  woodchip 21:49 11 Aug 2005


  Noelg23 21:49 11 Aug 2005

only a select few provide spam filtering parenta control and firewalls...namely, BT Yahoo Broadband and AOL and I think there are tho to look at...

  Dark Knight 21:58 11 Aug 2005

Do many offer only Parental controls?

I am sure they can live without firewalls, virus checking and spam filtering as I know I can get hold of these anyway?

If they opt for a provider without parental controls is there much to stop their children looking at things they shouldn't? I know you can set the safe search etc on web pages.

  Jackcoms 08:19 12 Aug 2005

Are you using XP?

If so, what's wrong with the content/parental controls in XP?

In IE go to Tools; Internet Options; Content.

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