broadband problems

  craig_f 17:55 03 Jan 2007

please help up until the beginning of december i have had big problems with my broadband connection and only get 8 to 10 mins of connection a day before my modem looses the adsl signal and disconnects me. if i connect direct into the engineers test socket behind the main face plate i have no problems which my isp says anything past this point is not there responsibility but obviously doing this then disconnects all the phone sockets in the house. i have replaced this socket and re-wired all the sockets but still have the problem.

has anyone got any suggestions please.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:17 03 Jan 2007

HAve you tried changing the asdl filter? Could be the problem.

  Kingfisher 19:08 03 Jan 2007

have read that some people with Sky tv have been having problems with disconnection, might be worth diconnecting Sky to see if problem goes away, if it is found to be Sky I am told to contact their service people who may be able to help

  craig_f 20:33 03 Jan 2007

Hi thank you for the suggestions but just borrowed a filter from my father in-law and disconnected the sky and still have the problem.

  Dipso 20:47 03 Jan 2007

When you rewired the sockets did you connect just wires 2 and 5 as that is all that's required. The other wires can act as antennae and cause interference.

I presume you have all phones and Sky (if installed) filtered.

Replacing your home phones for DECT phones can be a benefit as you only need the one phone connected at the master and there's no more need for extensions.

  craig_f 22:04 03 Jan 2007

i would just like to thank all of you for your suggestions and espically Dispo as it seems to have solved the problem and i have now been connected for a hole hour

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