Broadband Problem

  ah1802 02:26 29 Dec 2006

Right I’ve been with broadband for several years now and I recently upgraded my option to number 3. When I did this they said they will give me a speed of 3.6mb. But I have recently run speed tests and they are coming up saying I have a 1mb line.

So I have gone to the BT website and entered my phone number and they are saying the maximum speed is 1mb. How can they lower my speed? 1mb is really slow. I live in central London and they fastest speed I can get is 1mb.

But another thing is I have checked other numbers which are in the same exchange as me and live right next to me and they can get faster speeds. Why is this? Is there anyway of changing my exchange server. This is really frustrating as I am always on the net and I often play online games.

I hope there’s something I can do to solve this.

Any comments will be very welcome.


  birdface 02:29 29 Dec 2006

You can try your speed again with this,click here

  ah1802 02:32 29 Dec 2006

Just running the test will post back to ya.

  ah1802 02:36 29 Dec 2006

hi ya just ran the test

download speed: 395kbps

upload speed: 154kbps

  birdface 02:54 29 Dec 2006

I am with Ntl and mine is 1924kbps, Which is just less than 2mb I think, If yours is only 395kbps that is very slow,Are you sure that you have not left a number out,

  birdface 03:00 29 Dec 2006

Sorry meant to add ,my upload speed was 187kbps which is slightly higher than yours,I think that i would be getting on to my internet provider if i was you,Something far wrong somewhere,

  Nonny 11:31 29 Dec 2006

I was with Demon for 3 years and my download speed was never above 1mb. As I was only 1.04km from the exchange this was not very good. BT said I was to far from the exchange to get higher speeds. My next door neighbours either side of me were getting up to 5.5mbs at times. One of whom is with BT. I spoke to another neighbour (two doors down) who is with Tiscali. He was getting low speeds. They sent a BT engineer out. After checking internally the engineer connected his laptop to the line and was able to tell immediatley that he had been re-routed. The engineer apologised and my neighbour now receives more normal speeds. I have just gone over to BT and my max is about 2 1/2 mbs. I shall get on to them in the new year to get the same as my neighbours.

  anchor 12:24 29 Dec 2006

Another test site:

click here

I have a 2Mb Pipex connection and typically get the following:

1830 kb/s down
244 kb/s up

  ah1802 15:31 29 Dec 2006

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

i just ran another test these are my results.

  anchor 16:21 29 Dec 2006

Looking at your latest results your upload is quite good, but your download is abysmal!.

It is low even for a 1mb connection. What speeds were you getting prior to the changes?.

  ah1802 16:55 29 Dec 2006

Hi everyone thanks for the replies. Just got off the phone to the BT broadband support team. They ran a line check and said there is a problem and they will phone me tomorrow morning. Hopefully that sorts out the problem. The funny thing is though I have had about 3 line tests done in the past and they have shown up fine.

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